About Me

  1. About ImageI’m impatient as all heck.

  2. Yellow + cornflower blue is the visual equivalent of a hug … I own nothing yellow + cornflower blue.

  3. Sparkly stickers are my therapy and I stick them over everything. My best life advice? Never out-grow scratch n’ sniff stickers.

  4. M&M’s are the perfect food, humankind peaked here.

  5. We named our black labrador retriever Rory after my favourite show, Gilmore Girls.

  6. I drink my life sustaining daily coffee out of the same Alice in Wonderland mug everyday.

  7. I only eat tic-tacs in twos.

  8. In my dream life I live in a white Victorian home with a wraparound porch, stately columns, in a warm climate that doesn’t get tornadoes or extreme weather of any kind, on a cute tree-lined street with historic lampposts in a charming small town where everyone is nonjudgemental and friendly and I, of course, own the adorable bookshop/cafe.

  9. I will never lead this life.

  10. But I am forever grateful for the two main loves of my life, for wherever they are, my dream life is complete.

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