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Unboxing: OwlCrate Jr. January 2023

“Scales & Smoke”

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What a way to start out the new year! I was so excited for the OwlCrate Jr’s January box as it its theme has to be one of my very favourites — dragons! So let’s look inside all the amazing goodies the team put together! Remember if you’re interested in an OwlCrate Jr subscription, you can use my code TALES15 to save 15% off your first box in a new subscription!

Starting off with one of the new 2023 OwlCrate Jr collections — the Bookworm Bowls Collection! Every quarter subscribers will receive a new bowl designed by Andrew Kolb (designer of last year’s character trading card collection) based on a new beloved middle grade fandom! The inaugural bowl was inspired by the Wings of Fire series! My daughter absolutely loves this bowl and was so excited to open it up! (Also, check out that beautiful packaging by Michelle Gray).

Next up, a super fun craft project! Make a dragon friend of your own with this dragon oven bake clay kit, dreamed up & designed by Team OwlCrate Jr. I had such a blast making my own little dragon friend … his name is Edgar. 

Add some personality to your plain old sneakers with this How to Train Your Dragon inspired shoe accessory set, complete with lime green Viking rune laces and amazing Shoe-Dragon wings! You’ll definitely be the snazziest person at the gym! 

Another new collection coming in 2023 is the monthly OwlCrate Jr Enamel Archives pin collection. Each month artist Jane Mount, creator of Ideal Bookshelf, will be designing a monthly enamel pin inspired by the month’s book pick. This first pin of twelve was inspired by Heroes of Havensong: Dragonboy by Megan Reyes. 

Where are you going to store all those wonderful new pins? On your new dragon pin banner of course! This dragon bookshelf pin banner was designed by Team OwlCrate Jr — all your book pins will look so lovely lined up on these shelves! 

Fans of Neverending Story will be so happy to receive their new favourite Luckdragon tassel bookmark, designed by Kelly Leigh Miller. He’s so adorable! 

And yet … another new collection! Each month subscribers will be receiving a fun Magical Monthly Recipe to try out in the kitchen. Each recipe is easy for kids to get involved with and Team OwlCrate Jr team tested & approved. Where will you store all these recipe cards? … Stay tuned next month to find out! 

Finally the book pick… The first book pick for 2023 was Heroes of Havensong: Dragonboy by Megan Reyes! This is a super fun adventure story full of magic, friendship, quests, and, of course, dragons! The OwlCrate Jr special edition came with a signed bookplate, a letter from the author, a QR code to scan for extension discussion questions curated by the author as well as a letter from the author. 

If you missed out on the January Scales & Smoke box there are some copies available in the shop. If you’re looking to subscribe, remember to use my code TALES15 to save yourself 15% at checkout. See you next month! 

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