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Unboxing: OwlCrate Jr. November 2022


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This might just be my favourite OwlCrate Jr box of the year, so let’s get right into the unboxing! Remember to sign up now for an OwlCrate Jr subscription to not miss out on all the amazing goodies and books coming up. Use code TALES15 to save yourself 15% off your first box! 

My daughter has been eagerly awaiting a new pillowcase as it’s been awhile since one has been included – and this Ella Enchanted pillowcase definitely delivered! Designed by Jess Gunderson. 

You all know my obsession for Nevermoor by now, so it is no surprise whatsoever I’m in love with this new, colourful woodmark designed by Stacey McEvoy-Caunt, inspired by the series I adore. 

One of my 12-year-old’s favourite OwlCrate Jr picks this year was April’s book pick: Mirrorwood by Deva Fagan. These absolutely stunning bookends inspired by the series are amazing and look even better holding up her TBR pile on her desk. Love the bold, bright colours!! Designed by Jestenia Southerland. 

I loved listening to Howl’s Moving Castle as an audiobook last fall and was so happy to see a vinyl sticker inspired by the story in this month’s box! I’ll likely place this wonderful sticker from Jessie Carper on my computer – someplace I’ll see it regularly!

Lastly, the book pick: Into the Glades by Laura Sebastian! This signed, OwlCrate Jr special edition came with an author letter as well as the 11th card in the 2022 trading card character set from Andrew Kolb. 

Grab this great box as a Christmas present for a bookworm in your life at www.owlcrate.com or, even better, sign up for a subscription! Use code TALES15 to save at checkout! 

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