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August 2019 Reading Wrap-Up

August 2019 Reading Wrap-Up

I added in some graphic novel reads this month … I was pleasantly pleased … for the most part. I was behind in my goals, but this is a fairly common occurrence! Here are my quick thoughts on my August reads:

1. Gods of Jade and Shadow 4*: Mayan history, mythology, romance, fantasy, mystery … this is a novel unlike anything I’ve ever read. At times a bit slow, at times a bit psychedelic — it is the perfect cure for a reading slump. Full review here.

2. Spin the Dawn 4.5*: Just such an enjoyable Mulan/Project Runway/fantasy/romance that I was thoroughly entertained from page 1 to the need-the-sequel-right-now ending! Full Review here.

3. Shatter the Sky 3.75*: I wanted a lot more from this little book … specifically more character development and more dragons. While we do eventually get that dragon hit, it is a long wait … characters are pretty flat and nondescript.

4. Red, White and Royal Blue 3.5*: I struggled to like the main character Alex, which makes it very difficult to like a book. I had other grievances with this one and you can read all about it here!

5. Nocturna 5*: I just enjoyed this read so much. I know it has conflicting and polarizing opinions, which I explore in my review here, but I was so entertained with this Latinx high fantasy, with very light romance.

6. Are You Listening (YA graphic novel) 4*: This is a heavy hitting graphic novel exploring the painful, twisting road of healing from trauma and grief. It was beautiful handled and powerful.

7. Snapdragon (Middle Grade graphic novel) 5*: I cannot say anything about this being that I read an ARC with heavy embargo rules but I will say it is for fans of Tea Dragon Society and Cardboard Kingdom and will be a favourite of mine this year.

8. Grimoire Noir (YA graphic novel) 2*: If I could rate the artwork separately it would be a 5* for sure … but the writing here was campy and poorly executed.

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