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Bust Through Winter Blues

Winter Blues Cake & Books

Ok, I much prefer winter to summer … experiencing constant basement flooding and having no air conditioner will do that to a person … but as much as I love late fall/Christmas and early winter, January is a bitch up here in the north.

In fact, January is likely a bitch no matter where you live outside of a tropical location?

As I am writing this it is the fourth day in a row with -40c windchills, it is forecasted to dip below -50c (!!), the sun doesn’t come up until 8:30am and sets at 4:00pm … and the sparkly lights of Christmas have been put away. It’s a brutal month and can take a serious toll on mental health.

Today I am sharing a list of my favourite 15 bust-through-winter-blues tips, tricks and ideas. If you are feeling the winter blues I hope something from this list can help elevate your spirits … you’re not alone!

1. Purge: Closet, shoes, kids toys, or the funk at the back of the fridge … this is a great time to purge and refresh.

2. Eat more citrus (sharing a yummy citrus smoothie recipe soon!).

3. Bake something with rainbow sprinkles – cookies, cake, cupcakes, pancakes … rainbow colours = happy.

4. Rearrange a room, even if you’ll just be changing it back! This is a restart for your brain each time you see it.

5. Make a commitment that requires you to leave the house – taking your child to swim lessons, pottery class, or a standing coffee date with someone. Something you need to go to, but isn’t too strenuous (like the gym) that you’ll just cancel.

6. Be careful and generous with your resolutions. No greater way to kick your year off in a negative way than to set harsh, unforgiving goals .

7. Make the ultimate playlist full of high energy and frankly, odd ball music, your brain will appreciate this. There is no greater, more important playlist I make each year than my NY lists.

8. Walk. If in Canada it may be so so hard to do so when in the depths of -40c. But even just down the block, bundled up like an Arctic Explorer, the fresh air and blood pumping is 100% critical.

9. Embrace the cold. Lean into hygge. Curl up with hot drinks, cozy blankets, fires and movies, books, boardgames. Remember the hot days of summer and how you look forward to these chilly days.

10. Make a picture book (I like to use Shutterfly) of your previous years memories to peruse.

11. Get a haircut. It just feels renewing and is a very forgiving (read: it grows back) way of feeling like a fresh you.

12. Buy some fresh flowers or (preferably) a potted plant.

13. Read some summery and light contemporary books.

14. Buy a light lamp for basically anyone north of the equator! There aren’t enough hours of daylight and your body needs that Vitamin D!

15. Know that Winter Blues are a very real thing and you aren’t alone feeling it. If you find yourself sluggish, withdrawn, and are having difficulty getting out of a funk – it is a great idea to seek talk therapy. Always know, it will get better, it is temporary, and there is help.

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