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Review: Spin the Dawn

Spin the Dawn

“Will you find your way back?”

His grin widened … “To you, always.”

This was just so much fun.

I really just enjoyed myself from page 1 until the “I need that sequel now, thankyouverymuch” ending.

Maia Tamarin is likely the greatest tailor in the Kingdom of A’landi. Only problem is: she is a girl and girls cannot be tailors. When a royal competition summons her ailing father to the Summer Palace, Maia disguises herself as her brother to go in his stead.

While at the Palace she must compete in a cutthroat design competition to win the title of the official Royal Tailor … but she must impress the impossible Lady Sarnai, the emperor’s betrothed, and then there is that annoying (and annoyingly handsome) royal Enchanter Edan who sees straight through her disguise. As the stakes get higher, Maia must complete three enchanted dresses that incorporate the laughter of the sun, the tears of the moon and the blood of the stars … a feat that just might claim her life and those she loves.

I was amazed by how much character and world building Elizabeth Lim stuffed into these 380 pages. Combining parts of reality show competition with high fantasy, high adventure and huge romance, it checks all my boxes for a great YA fantasy.

I was surprised by two things:

  1. The whole Project Runway competition is actually over in quite short order and the second part of the story is an epic fantasy adventure testing mind, body and soul.

  2. The romance … I did not realize this novel would deliver such a delicious love story.

And I was made so very happy by both these surprises.

Maia is fiery, talented, smart and driven … an excellent leading lady and I am so ready to read more of her story. Edan is the leading male I personally adore — smart, compassionate, and fuelled by a sharp wit and dry sense of humour … these two had sparks from their meet cute. They are both well developed with painful pasts and hidden dreams.

The magic system is basic (in a great way) with a well established world that borrows upon basic knowledge of Asian culture and design.

Elizabeth Kim gave us a great set up for this trilogy – weaving together romance, adventure, artistry, and magic … I can’t wait for the story to continue.


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