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Review: Writers & Lovers

Writers & Lovers

Title: Writers & Lovers
Author: Lily King
Genre: Literary Fiction
Page Count: 320
Published by: Grove Press
Date Published: March 3, 2020
You can find it here: Bookshop.org


31 year old Casey Peabody should have her life figured out by now. Highly educated with numerous degrees, languages, and life experiences under her belt … and the debt to go with it … she longs to finish her novel, clinging to the dream of living a creative life as all her friends continue to find employment, marry, and have children.

Instead she is working as waitress in Harvard Square, in the summer of 1997, living in a tiny, moldy room on the side of a garage, bicycling to and from work, and struggling under the weight of debt and grief over her mother’s sudden passing.

Enter two men. One is an older, established author and widower with two young boys. The other a fellow struggling author who understands her commitment to a creative future and has his own insights & struggles with anxiety and grief.

When her landlord informs her he has sold the garage, her employment teeters on the edge, debt collectors are circling and some unexpected health scares arise, Casey is pushed to the brink as everything comes to crisis. She must choose her future – stay true to herself or settle for safety and security?


Let’s Talk Writing Styles:

Lily King’s writing is so wholly unique. A first person narrative with a bit of almost stream-of-consciousness mixed in. Her sentences and prose are so exacting, so precise … scraped down to the bare minimum creating such an honest dialogue and simplicity to the narrative. It was compulsive and propulsive and I just kept needing to read one more chapter.

The honesty and brilliance of this writing was refreshing and I’ve been left in awe.

Let’s Talk The Story and More on the brilliance of Lily King:

Not only is Lily King a master of sentence structure, but her story of Casey is so compelling and relevant to any millennial who had to work through the bullshit of sexism mainstream in the late 1990s. Some scenes are so angering, so cringey, and of course, all too common.

Providing insights on anxiety, panic attacks, healing, grief, estranged family, relationships and using your voice, this is a subtlety powerful read that will be one of my favourites in 2020. I rooted for Casey the entire way.

Overall Thoughts:

I was absolutely blown away by the intelligence of this carefully constructed story. Lily King’s powerfully stripped down, scalpel-precise sentences and prose was compulsively readable and left me wanting more. Her brilliant observations on sexism, grief, the challenge of living an honest life creatively and personally will resonate with anyone struggling to answer what to I want to do with my one precious life? Casey stole my heart right away and I simply loved this book.

TBR Ranking: High

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