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Unboxing: OwlCrate April 2021

“Ruthless Rivals”

OwlCrate April 2021 Unboxing

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It’s been a miserable few days and life just seems stuck in a rut right now, so let’s focus on some happy and jump right into all the goodies OwlCrate delivered in the April Ruthless Rivals box!

First up is this really cool metal chopstick set designed by Tes Medovich (@paperbackbones), inspired by the rival gangs in These Violent Delights … which I still need to read! Being gluten intolerant and practically allergic to all food besides rice, it might be fun to teach myself how to eat it with chopsticks. Most likely I’ll just use them as spears for large chunks of fruit or meat! 

OwlCrate April 2021 chopsticks

Tes also designed this really cool Et Cetera card game to challenge you and your bookworm friends to various literary trivia. It is a really wide open game and I’ve had some fun playing it with my almost 11-year-old … although I’m absolutely rubbish at these types of games. I always draw a blank! But this is a really clever item that can easily be enjoyed over video chats and zoom meetings, perfect for our socially distanced world right now! 

OwlCrate April 2021 et cetera game

Coffee! It’s always a treat when we get some yummy coffee from OwlCrate. This time, partnering with Fable Grounds Coffee, the team crafted a cinnamon hazelnut flavoured coffee inspired by the magical competition in Where Dreams Descend, an OwlCrate book pick from last summer! 

OwlCrate April 2021 coffee

Even though numerous Hamilton songs get stuck in my head on a regular basis – “My name is Alexander Hamilton” – I still haven’t watched it! This phone wallet designed by Lady Chubb Letters features a quote from Hamilton: History has its eyes on you. This little item is a combo pop socket and simple wallet, featuring a few little pockets to store your ID, some cash and house key. Stick it on the back of your phone and you’re good to go!

OwlCrate April 2021 phone ring

Next up is this Nevernight inspired throw pillowcase designed by KDP Letters featuring the quote: Conquer your fear and you can conquer the world. I haven’t read Nevernight but I know there are many fans of this series that will be happy to have this item and I really appreciate the powerful quote. 

Icey Designs did an excellent job creating this month’s jumbo sized enamel pin inspired by the monthly book pick.

OwlCrate April 2021 Enamel Pin

Which brings us to … the book! Witches Steeped in Gold by Ciannon Smart. This is a highly anticipated fantasy featuring two rival witches allying to take down a common enemy, and I’m really hoping to catch up on some YA reading soon, starting with this one! This special edition of the book came signed, with an author letter, exclusive OwlCrate cover, reversible dust jacket artwork and a foil stamp on the hardback – a truly deluxe edition! 

OwlCrate April 2021 Witches Steeped in Gold

If you’re interested in subscribing to OwlCrate, you can do so now as subscriptions are open once again. If you hurry you’ll be able to snag the fast selling May box: Expect the Unexpected. Remember to use my code TALES15 at checkout to save 15% off your first box!!

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