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Unboxing: OwlCrate Jr. April 2020

“Cabin in the Woods”

OwlCrate Jr. April 2020 Unboxing

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In time for the camping and summer season ahead, OwlCrate Jr gave us a taste for the coming months with their “Cabin in the Woods” box. Full of fun, engaging goodies to help your kids pass some non-screen time, this box was definitely a favourite in this house! Here’s what was inside:

Roy Toy log building set. It continues to impress me how much attention to quality products the team at OwlCrate Jr puts into each box – stuffing it full with high value items (price, educational, and fun value included). This cool kit comes with a set of pre-cut logs that fit together, puzzle style, to make a full 3D cabin. Made from real hardwood, this set invokes all the senses as our whole box was scented like a pine forest!

OwlCrate Jr. April 2020 cabin

Arlo Finch Magnetic Wooden brooch/pin by the pros at Juniper & Ivy Designs. The Arlo Finch series (the first book in this series was included in the February 2018 box) is a beloved favourite of mine and my daughter’s. This is the first Arlo Finch inspired merchandise we’ve received and we couldn’t be happier … a few fights may be forthcoming, but still, we are happy. 😉 Can I also say how amazing the Juniper & Ivy Designs products are? Their attention to detail, the quality of their wood, and the quality of their engravings are unparalleled, always resulting in incredibly detailed items that continue to amaze me.

OwlCrate Jr. April Arlo Finch

Hand-carved Woodland Animal pen. These adorable pens are actually hand carved and painted! By far my new favourite pen. My daughter and I share an obsession with woodland creatures so this little pen is right up our alley!

OwlCrate Jr. April 2020 wood pen

Little House on the Prairie laminated, tasseled bookmark. This lovely bookmark was designed by Kelly Leigh Miller and features a quote from Laura Ingalls Wilder’s famous series.

OwlCrate Jr. April 2020 bookmark

The absolutely, insanely adorable monthly sticker was designed by Chie Boyd. I’m really loving the monthly sticker collection and seeing all the amazing artwork from the various artists!

OwlCrate Jr. April 2020 sticker

April’s book pick is Echo Mountain by Lauren Wolk, which came with an author letter, signed bookplate and a little art print featuring an uplifting quote from the book. This book sounds very interesting – a combination of historical fiction and magical realism.

OwlCrate Jr. April 2020 Echo Mountain

Overall: Such an incredible box! Both myself and my daughter loved every single item in this box and it is a definite favourite of ours. OwlCrate Jr continues to provide us with excellent quality, excellent value, and excellent attention to detail every single month. I’ve said it before, I highly, highly recommend snagging a box for your family!

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