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Unboxing: OwlCrate Jr. August 2021

“Moonlight & Stardust”

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There a few key cornerstone components that make up the structure of myself: my love of autumn, warm drinks (coffee, tea, hot chocolate … I’m not picky), Gilmore Girls, chocolate chip cookies, sparkly stickers, dragons/dinosaurs, and anything & everything stars, galaxy, and space … so August’s OwlCrate Jr. box spoke straight to my heart! A passion my little and I actually share!! Here are all the goodies that came inside the Moonlight & Stardust box:

3D-printed LED moon lamp and stand! This is such an intensely cool item, I can’t even begin … I’ve almost bought this very thing many times for my daughter and I’m so happy (and completely blown away) we received one in our OwlCrate Jr. box! This super cool moon lamp has three different light settings – warm tone, cool tone, and a more “moon” glow. You can also control the brightness setting by holding the bottom for a few seconds. Watching the lamp slowly dim and brighten at the touch of a hand is magic incarnate  (came with a USB charging cable).

Moon Child enamel pin from Hafsah Faizal of @_iceydesigns … I have this very quote: stay wild moon child on an embroidery hoop and a trinket dish. I just love it and am thrilled to have it on an enamel pin … if I can steal it back from my daughter’s backpack. 

Lord Of The Rings inspired hand mirror designed by Katelyn Clemons of @letterk8 – a hand mirror plays an important role in this month’s book pick and I think it is always special when an item from the box plays into the story like this, bringing the book even more to life! 

Rainbow metallic origami papers … if there is anything that can infuriate me more quickly than origami, I’ve luckily never met it yet!! I am not patient, I cannot understand origami instructions or even watching YouTube videos – but I was able to create some 3D-ish stars with these papers! (Only took me about two hours …) Luckily my crafty daughter and I will be able to use these beautiful paper in some other paper crafts. 

Is there anything more classically cool than a kaleidoscope? I think this plays into my love of all things sparkly, but I’ve always been fascinated by kaleidoscopes and can get lost spinning away. This awesome kaleidoscope was inspired by The Girl Who Drank the Moon and was designed by @stephstilwell. 

The monthly collectible sticker was designed by @kenichaffee. 

Time for the book pick! August’s book pick sounds like an eerie, wee bit creepy story just perfectly timed for the transition from summer to fall: The Plentiful Darkness by Heather Kassner! Which came signed (!), with an author letter inside the book, and an exclusive cover! 

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