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Unboxing: OwlCrate Jr. December 2020

“Winged Beasts”

OwlCrate Jr. December 2020 Unboxing

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Saving the best for last? December’s “Winged Beasts” OwlCrate Jr box was an absolute home run for my ten year old daughter and I sincerely wish that the beanie was a bit bigger … you better believe I’d be stealing it! Here’s what was inside this month’s box:

The very first OwlCrate Jr yearly reading planner! OwlCrate has included a reading journal/planner a few times now and it was really exciting to see one appear in the junior box. Tailored to a middle grade reader, this planner is full of fun pages! Spaces to write out TBR’s, wish lists, book reviews, monthly calendar spreads, as well as numerous activity pages: colouring pages, word searches, story idea prompts, design you own book covers, etc. It’s bright and colourful and full of delightful dragons, it is such a wonderfully done item designed by the team and Blue Star Press.

OwlCrate Jr. December 2020 planner

This gorgeous metal bookmark with turquoise tassel features Percy Jackson and his trusty talking Pegasus, Blackjack, and was designed by @giogiabros_illustration. It is really gorgeous and I am all for anything Percy Jackson!

OwlCrate Jr. December 2020 bookmark

OwlCrate’s very own mascot, Ozwald, pom-pom beanie … could there be a more perfect item for an OwlCrate fan that this gorgeous toque designed by my friend Michelle Gray (@themichellegray)? OwlCrate beanies are one of my favourite items to receive. They are super warm and Michelle does such a great job designing them … and the colour of this one is truly lovely. Of course, turquoise is my favourite colour so I am particularly partial …

OwlCrate Jr. December 2020 beanie

Next up is this Flying Creatures Paper Airplane activity book. This little book from Workman Publishing includes the instructions for 12 different winged creatures – from dragons to phoenixes – along with the corresponding colourfully designed, perforated paper pages in the back of the book to complete super fun paper, winged creatures!

OwlCrate Jr. December 2020 paper airplane book

A cookie stamp! When we first opened this I thought it was a rubber stamp to mark up the planner pages, but it is actually a silicone, food-safe rubber cookie stamp. You better believe we promptly whipped up a batch of roll-out shortbread to test it out! It really works, but do make sure to properly flour the stamp between each press … other wise the dough sticks into all the little grooves!

OwlCrate Jr. December 2020 cookie stamp

This month’s collectable sticker was designed by the talented @fourseasonsfox and features a lovely moth … which I’m thinking will play an important part in our book this month, based on the title … hehe …

OwlCrate Jr. December 2020 moth sticker

December’s book pick was A Clock of Stars: The Shadow Moth by Francesca Gibbons, which came signed by the author, with an author letter, and exclusive endpapers! I can’t wait to get into this adventure story full of magical lands, dangerous creatures, princes, kingdoms … all the good stuff! Illustrations by Chris Riddell will really bring the story to life.

A Clock of Stars the Shadow Moth

Next month’s theme is “Inner Magic” and will feature an incredibly exciting, debut own-voices novel that is one of my most anticipated middle grade reads of 2021! Make sure to snag your box and use code TALES15 to save 15% off your new subscription.

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