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Unboxing: OwlCrate Jr. July 2022

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There’s something extra special about receiving OwlCrate Jr boxes in the summer! The long, lazy days of summer holidays have set in and things can get a wee bit … boring. Enter an exciting new middle grade book to read and some goodies & activities to bring a spark of creativity. Here’s what was included in the July box:

Blank comic book notebook from Unemployed Philosophers Guild. This blank book comes with pre-drawn comic panels and a comic stencil to add those extra special, speech balloon touches to your drawings. My daughter has used something similar in the past and immediately started a comic of her own writing when I was finished taking photos. An excellent tool for some screen free time that boosts creativity, writing, literacy and art skills!

To accompany your comic book, OwlCrate Jr included a beautiful set of colouring pencils inspired by Kiki Kallira (a fabulous middle grade read from last year you should absolutely check out!) The pencil crayon packaging was designed by Melissa Blair.

I love journals, and so does my daughter, but we both struggle with what to put in them. A blank journal can be incredibly intimidating! Take away those worries with this Creativity Deck, designed by Michelle Gray. With 52 different writing and drawing prompts, you’ll never struggle again deciding what to create, or write about, next.

A beautiful drawstring backpack inspired by Inkheart, designed by Jo Ung. Every bookworm can use another useful bag to haul books to and from the library or to use as a gym/swim bag. I do wish this one had been a wee bit bigger as we have trouble fitting more than a couple books inside and sadly my daughter’s running shoes didn’t fit inside so we can’t use it as her school gym bag. It is a bit small but it is a lovely design, with a fantastic quote! Swim bag it is!

My favourite item this month has to be this Nevermoor inspired puzzle based on the magical Gobleian Library we are introduced to in book three. This beautiful puzzle (love the colours!) was designed by Luma Wildish and is the perfect screen-free summer activity for my super puzzler kiddo! I look forward to pairing this with an audiobook this fall when she is back in school 🙂

Finally, the book! This month’s book pick is J.R Silver Writes Her World, an excellent story to pick up as we gear up for back-to-school. Follow along with J.R as she begins a new year – grade six is starting off difficulty, her best friend has met a new friend over summer camp and she’s the only kid without a cell phone! But when a writing assignments reveals J.R has a special ability – what she writes comes to life! – will this ability turn out to be a gift or a curse??

This month’s book came with an exclusive OwlCrate Jr cover, bound-in signed author letter from Melissa Dassori, and the 7th trading card in the 2022 character card collection designed by Andrew Kolb.

There are some boxes available in the shop at www.owlcrate.com, you can grab one now!

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