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Unboxing: OwlCrate Jr. May 2020

“Elements & Alchemy”

OwlCrate Jr. May 2020 Unboxing

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There is one thing that keeps being a continuous source of joy each month, keeping me sane, keeping some semblance of normal, and that’s our OwlCrate boxes. They have always been such a treasure to my daughter and I, but through these challenging months they have become even more special.

The theme for the May box was Elements & Alchemy and my Harry Potter, potion loving daughter was incredibly excited for this box …  it definitely delivered. Here’s what was inside:

Harry Potter inspired Potions Class book sleeve. This is the nicest book sleeve I’ve ever seen – the bright, bold colours, the adorable owl bookcase, all the cheeky potion titles. OwlCrate Jr + Melanie Demmer did a fantastic job with this sleeve. I know when travel and school resume this sleeve will get a lot of use keeping her books safe.

OwlCrate Jr. May 2020 booksleeve

Patch Time! My household is oddly obsessed with patches and so it is always a great day when OwlCrate includes one in their box. This month’s patch was inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender, a show my daughter really loves. I love the retro styling of this patch and it will look great with her collection of patches on her backpack … assuming we can wrestle it away from her dad! Designed by Erin Gibbs @erin_gibbs.

OwlCrate Jr. May 2020 Avatar patch

Notebook! Yes, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again … you can never have too many notebooks! Luckily my little shares my obsession with notebooks. I’m actually terrible at journalling, but I have so many notebooks just for jotting down ideas, thoughts, quotes that inspire me, hashtags to use, article ideas, to-do lists … there are so many little Field Notes journals and notepads throughout my house! This notebook, featuring a quote from cosmologist Carl Sagan, is already in use as a potion book. She’s come up with some interesting ideas so far … Artwork by Alexis Lampley @nerdyink.

OwlCrate Jr. May 2020 Sagan notebook

150 piece test tube puzzle of The Periodic Table of Elements. We love puzzles, my daughter is so crazy good at them … I am laughably bad! But we sat down with our hot chocolates (you can’t puzzle without hot chocolate + marshmallows) and did this itty bitty puzzle right away. It was a lot of fun and pretty challenging, you got to keep track of the element numbers!

OwlCrate Jr. May 2020 periodic table puzzle

Lastly, this item was hands down meant for my daughter. A little vial of rocks or crystals (different versions were sent out, we got Turquoise! My favourite colour!!) … she loves creating little potions, collecting little jars, collecting “magical” rocks (that she always stuffs in her backpack for me to find later …). This is a really cool item!

OwlCrate Jr. May 2020 turquoise

The adorable sticker of the month was designed by Ellie vs. Bear.

OwlCrate Jr. May 2020 sticker

Finally the book of the month for May is Quintessence by Jess Redman. This book came signed, with an author letter and a map of Four Points!

OwlCrate Jr. May 2020 Quintessence

Again and again the team curate fantastic boxes with an inspiring new read that never fails to impress with items that bring the box and my child’s imagination to life. We have been getting these boxes since the very beginning in 2017 and have never been disappointed. The quality, attention to detail, and passion is all there! Can’t recommend them enough.

June’s box “Magic in Bloom” is sold out, but if you get your name on the waitlist customers are contacted in chronological order as spots open up. Use my code TALES15 to save yourself 15% off a new subscription!

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