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Unboxing: OwlCrate Jr. May 2021

“Sagas & Swords”

OwlCrate Jr. May 2021 Unboxing

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I mean, who isn’t wowed and awed by Vikings and Norse Mythology? So when OwlCrate Jr. announced they were going to dedicate an entire box to these fabulous legends … me and my little were pretty stoked! Here’s a closer look at all the wonderful goodies:

Being the stationery nerd I am, I’m going start with these fabulous Viking Sticky Notes – perfect for marking passages in books, making little notes, or even using as fun decorations in your journals and planners! 

OwlCrate Jr. Viking sticky notes

This second book, So You Want To Be A Viking?, is a fully illustrated, hilarious fact filled book full of quirky tidbits, tricks, and tales all about the famous Vikings. Written by Georgia Amson-Bradshaw and illustrated by Takayo Akiyama. 

OwlCrate Jr. So You Want to Be a Viking

Freya – Norse Goddess of blessings, love, and fertility – shines with her chariot of cats on this beautiful new booksleeve designed by @ejnoodles. This is definitely my daughter’s favourite item this month, being a super cat fan! This stunning design just puts a big smile on my face with its bright, cheery colour palette. 

OwlCrate Jr. Book sleeve

I can’t get enough craftedvan magnetic bookmarks in my life – I truly adore this little company and their quirky bookmarks – so the inclusion of this adorable bookmark based on Neil Gaiman’s Odd & The Frost Giants makes me really happy! Now, I just need to read the book!! 

OwlCrate Jr. Craftedvan Odd and the Frost Giants

Coming up on the summer holidays means I need to collect some “I’m so bored” craft projects – luckily OwlCrate Jr. has included some super fun paper crafts this month! Make your own itty bitty, 3D Loki and Thor, designed by @karthik12. All how-to instructions are inside the monthly magazine in the Creative Corner section! 

OwlCrate Jr. Thor Loki Paper Dolls

This month’s collectible sticker was designed by @toucantango (hello amazing instagram handle) who absolutely nailed classic Viking/Norse vibes. 

OwlCrate Jr. May 2021 sticker

Finally, the book of the month! The Last Shadow Warrior by Sam Subity, which came with an exclusive cover (which just happens to match the booksleeve!), signed by the author, and with an author letter! We have already cracked into this story, as my daughter has been massively anticipating this release, and let me tell you – the action starts right away in this story following 12-year-old Abby, who happens to be a descendant in the long line of elite Viking warriors, the Aesir, trained to defend against their mortal enemy: Grendels. But because Grendels haven’t been spotted in generations, the Viking Council is threatening to disband the Aesir. After an attack leaves Abby’s father in a coma, she must take refuge at Vale Hall in Minnesota where she discovers she is being hunted by a Grendel … however, no one will believe her.

OwlCrate Jr. The Last Shadow Warrior

If you missed out on this great box, there are some available in the shop.

Keep your littles entertained (and reading!) this summer with a subscription to OwlCrate Jr. – use my code TALES15 to save 15% off your first box!

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