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Unboxing: Review of LitJoy Crate February 2020

“Once Upon a Retelling”

LitJoy Crate February 2020 Unboxing

This February LitJoy Crate played mad scientist smashing up classic stories with modern retellings in their “Once Upon A Retelling” crate creating some really neat bookish goodies! Here is what was included this month:

Beauty and the Beast/A Court of Thorns and Roses 150 piece puzzle with gorgeous artwork from Rosie Thorns (rosiethorns88). I love LitJoy Crate puzzles, they have really nice quality puzzle pieces with vibrant artwork on sturdy cardboard. Is there anything more annoying than flimsy, bendy puzzle pieces with the artwork lifting in the corners?

LitJoy Crate February 2020 puzzle

Rapunzel/Cress Inspired hairbrush with gorgeous artwork by Ekaterina Savic (katerinasavic). This is a really clever item and the artwork is so stunning, I am currently using it on my daughter’s thick, straight hair and it is working really well. For my thinner, stick straight hair nylon tips like this cause too much frizzing and tearing unfortunately – but it is still a really cool brush and I’m glad I’ve found a use for it!

LitJoy Crate February 2020 brush

To Kill a Kingdom/Little Mermaid floating pen. Was anyone else super obsessed with these as a kid? It is embarrassing the amount of time I lost in my childhood to watching items magically float back and forth in these popular pens, so I am all to happy to lose many hours in my adult years watching this little mermaid! Such a clever item.

LitJoy Crate February 2020 Mermaid Pen

Emma/Clueless enamel keychain. This sassy keychain combines the “whatever” attitude of Clueless and the artwork of Jane Austen’s Emma. The artwork was done by Angela De Vito (angelaanimates) and is a really funny addition to this crate. I love the quirky, geeky items like this that LitJoy often includes!

LitJoy Crate February 2020 keychain

Once Upon A Time Rumplestiltskin wooden dagger. While this item is advertised as a bookshelf prop – or as most of us will use it as an instagram prop, amiright? – but I personally think this dagger looks awesome poking out of a book as a bookmark! I love to pair/match bookmarks with books, so this dagger sticking out of my next fantasy read should be perfect!

LitJoy Crate February 2020 dagger

This month’s trading cards featured adorable classic Disney couples, a little nod to Valentine’s Day – Jack & Sally, Rapunzel & Flynn, Jasmine & Aladdin. Artwork by Niru Sky (niru.sky).

LitJoy Crate February 2020 tarot cards

The book pick of the month was Night Spinner by Addie Thorley, which came signed, and with an author letter featuring the gorgeous reversible dust jack artwork on the back of the letter. The lovely dust jacket artwork was completed by Stephanie Kock (simsamy). I love the stunning, swirling night sky + stars … Litjoy does such a fabulous job selecting amazing artists for their dust jackets!

LitJoy Crate February 2020 Night Spinner

Optional Add-ons:

This month I used some points to add on the Powdered Moonstones monthly candle – a fresh, spring scent combination of lemon sugar & champagne and melts into a lovely, sparkly white wax. I’m really pleased with this candle from Say Anything Studios and hope to get some more in the future!

LitJoy Crate February 2020 candle

I also chose to add on the LitJoy Lunacorns free enamel pin (for Lunacorn members) – I mean, is there a better enamel pin that a Luna inspired sassy, sparkly unicorn??

LitJoy Crate Lunacorns pin

Overall Rating: A+

  • Beauty and the Beast Puzzle: 3/3

  • Rapunzel Hairbrush: 3/3

  • To Kill A Kingdom Pen: 3/3 (I just wish my mermaid didn’t get stuck soooo much)

  • Rumplestiltskin Dagger: 3/3

  • Emma/Clueless keychain: 3/3

I really liked this box from LitJoy. I am always game to receive copious Disney fandoms and this box definitely delivered that in spades! LitJoy continues to work with such talented artists that really elevate their boxes and I think their monthly collectible candle collection is very clever, being that I am an avid candle fan! An overall great box this month.

Note on Rating: I rate each item out of 3 possible points: 1 for quality, 1 for usefulness, and 1 for if I personally liked the item/fandom. I then assign an overall letter rating for the whole box.

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