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Unboxing: Review of LitJoy Crate November 2019

“Forbidden Forest”

LitJoy Crate November 2019 Unboxing

The theme for LitJoy’s November box was “Forbidden Forest” and actually features the same book pick as OwlCrate. Usually I try to avoid this if possible but even knowing the book picks were the same, I couldn’t resist snagging both boxes. I am really glad I did because this LitJoy crate is really awesome as well. Here’s what was inside:

You know I start with my favourite item, but I am really struggling to think which one it is! When it doubt go with Narnia. This wooden ornament featuring a classic scene from my beloved Narnia is amazing. I can never get enough Narnia merch in my life and am super happy with this item and impressed by the detail!

LitJoy Crate November 2019 ornament

Speaking of detail … this Forbidden Forest inspired puzzle is full of fun, little Harry Potter easter eggs. My family loves building puzzles, especially through December, and can’t wait to put this gorgeous, turquoise puzzle together. Designed by Rosie Thorns, the image is stunning and the puzzle piece quality is high.

LitJoy Crate November 2019 puzzle

Thestral Beanie – I love the subtle design of this Harry Potter beanie. I really like when fandoms are subtle and therefore noticed by other true fans … that’s just my taste. The beanie is comfy and warm and features the ever important little pom-pom on top. What is a toque/beanie without one?

LitJoy Crate November 2019 beanie

“I Smell Groot” car air freshener. This is just so stinking hilarious and clever. A pine scented Groot car freshener … brilliant. The pine is a nice “pine” and not too overwhelming. I love it!

LitJoy Crate November 2019 Groot air freshener

Pickett the Bowtruckle sticker. Another nod to a fantastical forest beast of J.K. Rowling’s imagination. I haven’t seen/read Fantastic Beasts … but this is an adorable sticker and I have been wanting to watch the movies, so maybe I’ll appreciate it more when I do.

LitJoy Crate November 2019 bowtruckle sticker

Caraval Trading Cards. November’s box featured all four main characters from Stephanie Garber’s Caraval series … and I was really impressed by this! I really love the artist, Tamar Vashadze’s, art style. These are lovely, from a series I really like, and all around awesome.

LitJoy Crate November 2019 cards

A second book dust jacket with artwork from Tamar Vashadze was also included in this crate. The one disappointment I had this month was that the trademark LitJoy reversible dust jacket came as a second book jacket. I much prefer this artwork on the reverse side and truly hope they return to that method. It is honestly my favourite part of a LitJoy box. The artwork is lovely as always, they pick such awesome artists to work with.

The book pick for November was Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw. This gorgeous book came signed with an author letter – that is different from the letter included for OwlCrate subscribers, FYI. I have been exceptionally excited for this book as I really enjoyed Shea’s The Wicked Deep.

LitJoy Crate November 2019 Winterwood

Overall Rating: A+:

  • Narnia Ornament: 3/3

  • Forbidden Forest Puzzle: 3/3

  • Thestral Beanie: 3/3

  • Caraval Trading Cards: 3/3

  • Groot Car Air Freshener: 3/3

  • Bowtruckle Sticker: 2/3 (Just not familiar with the series, so personally not a hit … but maybe when I watch the movie it will be?!)

Another great box from LitJoy Crate – I have really been enjoying their boxes this year! Full of all the geeky glam items I love, LitJoy truly makes my favourite merchandise as I prefer things a bit brighter and subtler. I love that not everything is covered with a quote because honestly, who can agree on favourite quotes?? LitJoy is a fully customizable book box company – with options for book only (LitJoy exclusive book with reversible artwork, signed, author letter and trading cards), Items only (items, no book), or full crate (items + book). You can also switch between these three options every month as you need.

If only they would charge us Canadians (and all International customers) for applicable taxes at check-out so we wouldn’t be slammed by their shipping company’s penalty fees. Every other book box, subscription company and US based company I purchase from does so … just not LitJoy. Such a shame.

Note on Rating: I rate each item out of 3 possible points: 1 for quality, 1 for usefulness, and 1 for if I personally liked the item/fandom. I then assign an overall letter rating for the whole box.

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