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Feature: Frostbeard Studio Candles

Frostbeard Spring 2019 candles

Note: This is not paid or sponsored in any way just sharing a product I personally use and love

I love candles.

Maybe a bit obsessed.

I light candles in the morning and evening everyday and sometimes in the afternoon too – might not sound too revolutionary, but I buy certain scents of candles to light during those times. I have my morning candle scents and my evening candle scents … I’m not crazy right?

If you have ever looked at my instagram feed, it won’t be too surprising that my favourite candle company is Frostbeard Studio. Roxie Lubanovic is simply, as I call her, a scent wizard. She has an ability to not just create pleasant smelling candles, but unique experiences (Headmaster’s Studio and Oxford Library come to mind).

Frostbeard Studio uses high quality oils so the scents are never cloying or overpowering. They have a passion for what they do as well as an environmental conscience: sustainable ingredients, clean soy, clean burning wicks … just a company I can feel good about supporting.

Did I mention they have a gorgeous Husky puppy Tonks (ok, not quite a puppy – but that’s what I call all big dogs) that join them at work and often appears in their instagram feed?

So I got my most recent candle order the other day – the above photo – and thought it would be fun to feature Frostbeard on my site and ask Roxie a couple questions. So here is my mini interview with Roxie Lubanovic, co-creator of Frostbeard Studio.

Q: Do you have a favourite candle and why? Does Tonks have a fav?

A: My favorite scent is Sassenach. Something about the fresh garden herbal blend of basil, thyme and lavender is so refreshing and relaxing to me! I love lighting it when I’m taking a bath, or simply curling up with a good book in the evening. Tonks wants us to make more peanut butter fragrances.

Q: What does a typical day at Frostbeard Studio look like?

A: A typical day at Frostbeard for me is full of multitasking. Problem solving (anything from shipping address errors to printer jams), taking photos, ordering supplies, and making sure everything runs smoothly. My favorite days are when I get to work on designing new scents. And in the background our small team of awesome employees are busy pouring and shipping candles, and answering customer service questions.

Q: What is your favourite season?

A: My favorite season is definitely autumn. Something about that first crisp day, wonderful for hiking and camping. It’s also perfect candle weather!

Check out Frostbeard’s spring line at frostbeardstudio.com.

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