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Middle Grade March Recommendations

Middle Grade March Recommendations

I’m pretty vocal about my love for middle grade.

For the last four years, my ten-year-old daughter and I have been reading middle grade together as part of our nightly routine to wind down before bed. It is one of my most cherished memories of her childhood. But not only has this been a special time for us to share together, I myself have developed a strong love of reading middle grade for myself.

Now that she is older, she reads some middle grade on her own, I read middle grade titles on my own that interest me, as well as continuing to read certain titles together as read-alouds! My rambling point? No matter where your interests lie as a reader, there is a middle grade out there for you and I highly recommend older readers and adults to pick up middle grade! What better month than Middle Grade March?!

In honour of this month long reading challenge – in which you try to read as many middle grade titles as possible (even if it is just one!) – I’ve rounded up some of my favourite articles full of excellent middle grade titles and recommendations! I hope you feel inspired to pick one up this March!

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