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Monthly Pick – October 2021: Cackle

Title: Cackle
Author: Rachel Harrison
Genre: Horror, Supernatural
Page Count: 304
Published by: Berkley Books
Date Published: October 5, 2021
You can find it here: Bookshop.org

Spooky season can be a titch exclusionary for those who are looking for a little spook but not the full out raging, disturbing horror. In a world of entertainment – publishing, movies, tv – that increasingly loves to push the envelope of “shock factor” disturbing to engage/illicit a small moment of buzz (or maybe it’s simply taking more and more to shock our continually desensitized, apathetic culture) … whatever it be, it’s damn hard to find an enjoyably spooky book without the gore, the blood, the maiming, and the messed up, graphic, violent sex. 

So I’m delighted to share my October book pick, for that one other person out there that feels me on this – that one person who keeps ingesting more and more content that makes them uncomfortable and pushing down that discomfort because this is the new normal, this is what is popular, and if the majority of people like it – then you must be wrong by not. 

Why has this book pick turned into such a soap box? Because of all the things Cackle is – charming, cozy, fast paced, and a wee bit spooky – above all it reminds us to stop apologizing for who you are, stop changing yourself to fit other’s molds, and the freedom that can come from that. 

If any of that appeals to you, I can’t recommend Cackle enough and I can’t wait for it to find its audience. Learn more here. 


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