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Nancy Meyers Movie Marathon

A 7 Week Countdown to Fall

There is nothing more comforting than a Nancy Meyers movie. It’s kind of the suspended reality of a Gilmore Girls life – life isn’t this perfect, but damn it’s nice to pretend it is for two hours! Not only are they comforting as all get-up, they make the perfect transition from summer cozy to fall cozy. 

For the next 7 Saturdays I’ll be embarking on a Nancy Meyers Movie Marathon as I count down the seconds to my favourite season – autumn! Here’s the order I’ll be watching my favourite Meyers’ movies:

The Parent Trap

Released in 1998

Yes, there is some serious implausibility in this movie – a divorced couple just splitting their twins in half and never seeing the other … yeaaaahh … but you can’t argue the summery vibe perfection of this one! Bonus family friendly movie night material here! 

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Something’s Gotta Give

Released in 2003

I’ll be honest – it’s the beach house in this movie that has me lusting every time I watch it and I kinda want Diane Keaton’s life here … so for setting alone Something’s Gotta Give will be watched in high summertime. 

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Father of the Bride/Father of the Bride Part II

Released in 1991 and 1995

Gear up, the third weekend in August is a double-header. Because how am I to pick a favourite between these two? 

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The Intern

Released in 2015

I love this movie – I love conversations on millennials and boomers learning from each other. But aside from that, being that this movie centres around a fashion start up (Modcloth is the inspo here) and fashion always makes me think back-to-school and fall fashion week. So here we are, last weekend of August, it’s time to watch The Intern.

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It’s Complicated

Released in 2009

No reason for it being here other than I didn’t exactly know where I wanted to place it … and it isn’t my absolute fav Meyers’ movie tbh, but it has two important things: 1) Meryl Streep and 2) Meryl Streep. Also, Meryl Streep runs a hecka successful bakery … and is there anything more fall cozy than bakeries? 

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Baby Boom

Released in 1987

Okay, here we are. I always recommend this as a go-to fall cozy film as our forever favourite Nancy Meyers heroine, Diane Keaton, moves to a beautiful apple orchard in small town Vermont … in the fall. Yes other seasons follow, but come on. Vermont in the fall? Apple orchard? You’re sold. 

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The Holiday

Released in 2006

Okay, this is for the diehards. If you’ve been following along week-to-week we should be at Sept. 18. Which is 4 days before the first day of fall … so should we be watching a Christmas movie? Yes. Yes we should. I mean, if you’ve got the gumption – you know the scene that word comes from right?? Of course you do. (If you want to save this for the first weekend in November, I’ll understand. Kinda.)

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There it is. A countdown to fall Nancy Meyers movie marathon to get you through to the first day of Autumn! 

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