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Ultimate Fall Favourite Movie List

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I’m a major fall enthusiast.

Summer is not my friend and Fall is the light at the end of that humid, hot and bug-filled tunnel. The cooler days, the cozy home vibes, the cups of tea and new sweaters, the sunny days and bountiful colours … it is my season soulmate.

It is also a season of some strong movie game … and I thought I’d share 15 excellent movies to watch when the leaves start to fall. (Warning: Cozy will appear more than a few times in this list… You’ve been warned). Go make some caramel popcorn and gather.

  1. You’ve Got Mail: I doubt there is a fall movie list that this won’t be on. It is quintessential fall, cozy, romantic and twinkly. It will have you planning/yearning to visit New York in fall.

  2. Practical Magic: Witches, Small towns, draughty big houses, romance, humour and of course, Sandra Bullock … my ultimate lady crush.

  3. The Odd Life of Timothy Green: This is a recent watch for our family and I know we will watch it every year. I am so shocked that this movie isn’t on every fall family movie list, because it is a fall cornucopia! If family drama, magical realism, and some emotional punches are your thing – this is a great movie to watch with the whole family.

  4. When Harry Met Sally: Hilarious, romantic, with long walks through Central Park with autumn leaves falling … It will have you feeling fall feels, even in sunny California.

  5. Baby Boom: I love this relatively forgotten Diane Keaton film from the 80s. After “inheriting” a baby after the death of a distant relation, career-centred J.C Wiatt tries balancing career and motherhood. Needing a break she moves to a cozy small town in the fall. You’ve got falling leaves, mother/daughter love, apple picking, snow and chunky 80s sweaters. Perfection for a cozy night in.

  6. Hocus Pocus: You all know this one. It is essential October and Halloween viewing for anyone born in the 80s and 90s.

  7. E.T The Extraterrestrial: This classic is sometimes overlooked in the fall movie list category, but hello, they dress E.T up as a ghost and go trick or treating … so it counts.

  8. Serendipity: I watch this every November … it just fits that period after Halloween decorations have come down, but not yet Christmas. It’s cheesy, it’s a romantic comedy centring around fated soulmates after all … but it’s all kinds of feel good vibes. Favourite scene: Ice Skating in New York followed by the most epic hot chocolate at Serendipity cafe.

  9. The Blind Side: Football. Fall. Heart-warming. Sandra Bolluck (see Movie #2).

  10. It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown: Every single Halloween, on repeat.

  11. Planes, Trains and Automobiles: This is a definite “after Halloween – before Christmas” movie … ie perfectly November. Centring around American thanksgiving, it is comedy gold and always makes me laugh. I love Steve Martin’s angry humour and his “expletive scene” is a forever favourite!

  12. St. Elmo’s Fire: I love an ensemble cast centring around a big group of friends — think F.R.I.E.N.D.S before, well, F.RI.E.N.D.s. Following this rag tag group through the first fall after graduating from University — is there a more awkward, unsure season of life? — it is cozy, funny and all kinds of drama!

  13. Dan in Real Life: If you love Parenthood, you’ll dig the large fall family gatherings and familial drama here. Oh, and there’s a great old bookstore.

  14. October Kiss: This Hallmark movie has all the elements you expect – a combination of cheesy romance, elaborately seasonally decorated sets, and feel good family vibes. It is currently streaming on Netflix and is a no brainer for those who love the Christmas Hallmark Rom-coms.

  15. Julie & Julia: For those of us who associate fall with casseroles and excessive baking … this foodie, feel good movie is for you. There’s just something all around cozy and homey here, and I mean Meryl Streep is a goddess, so there’s that as well. Fellow bloggers will likely relate to some of the crazy lengths Julie goes to.

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