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Review: A Wedding In December

A Wedding in December

Sometimes titles/covers can be so misleading.

I fully expected this to be a light, easy read centred around Christmas and coziness … a bit of family drama, but nothing too taxing. And I don’t mean that in a criticizing way, but a light romance has restorative powers for this reader.

A Wedding in December really had some wonderful insights into the value and worth we assign to ourselves based upon the “job” we do, the falsity of that metric, the challenge and bravery of changing your life’s trajectory and of course the power, responsibility and work that are relationships. For me, I was really impressed by these conversations and wasn’t expecting them.

I really shouldn’t have been too surprised – Sarah Morgan (author of The Christmas Sisters, my December book pick) is known for giving heartfelt, complicated characters that face real life dilemmas and challenges. But this one hit home and I connected strongly with the conversation – especially the lack of value assigned to stay at home moms and the struggle to maintain self worth and voice in light of that worldly opinion.

Youngest daughter of the White family, 22 year old Harvard grad student Rosie, has fallen in love with her Harvard boyfriend and is engaged to be married. Three problems: she just met him 10 weeks ago, they are getting married at Christmas (4 weeks away) in Aspen, and the family always comes together at the family home in England for Christmas.

Older sister Katie, a brilliant doctor, is struggling with her career, a harrowing past experience and debilitating anxiety and PTSD. She is determined to protect her little sister from, what she assumes, is a big mistake. But her questions and concerns send Rosie on a path of serious second thoughts and doubt.

Their parents – Maggie and Nick – are separated and getting a divorce. Rather than ruin the celebration they decide to use this trip to Aspen as a fake second honeymoon. But as they spend more time together, maybe some feelings still remain?

This was a light read to be sure and romantic … and steamy … but what I really loved was these conversations of our roles, our assigned values & place, and the confidence to change your mind. The characters were enjoyable – and all the women incredibly smart. I love any book that makes well rounded, confident and intelligent women. Especially in romance novels where they sometimes have the tendency to be written a bit vapid.

Loved this one. Just the right balance of romance, intelligence, and light-heartedness. Sincerely wish this could be made into a holiday movie!


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