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Review: Dragon’s Green

Dragon's Green

This was an incredibly fun and imaginative middle grade adventure, that gave me Nevermoor and Harry Potter vibes. Not that it was the same storyline, but the magic and creativity of spirit in this book gave me the same feelings I got when I read the former two.

Dragon’s Green follows Effie Truelove, a believer of all things magical, guided by her gruff, cantankerous, wise … and magical … grandfather. When a tragedy suddenly threatens her grandfather’s life, Effie is given an unusual ring and the dying message of “Find Dragon’s Green”. 

As Effie is propelled into the dangerous world of the Diveri, a book and magic stealing society, she must rely on the help of her new found talents, new found magic and new found friends to save the books, save the world and save herself. Travelling from their current dystopian world, to the Otherworld, to the Underworld, Effie and her friends try to stay one step ahead of their pursuers.

I really don’t know what else to say other than if Harry Potter or Nevermoor appealed to you at all, you will like this book. It is full of magic, confidence and such originality … a magical cinnamon bun and hot chocolate shop that also happens to be the magical portal to the Otherworld, anyone?

While the beginning might’ve dragged a little, once you hit that bun shop the magic and adventure really explode. Elements of the aforementioned books but also the Otherworld and Underworlds are “Alice-in-Wonderland esque” worlds of imagination.

I enjoyed every one of the characters. Effie who is brave, Maximillian who is book-smart, Wolf who is strong, Raven who is eccentric & “witchy” and Lexy who is caring and healing … Each has their individual talent, their individual piece to the puzzle; each searching for a friend and belonging.

Heartwarming characters, magic, super imagination and a great adventure.

This is the kind of middle grade that actually appeals to middle graders and adults alike.


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