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Review: Grim Lovelies

Grim Lovelies

This was a fun one.

So you know in Cinderella how the fairy godmother changes all the animals into servants for Cindy’s ball? Well that is essentially what we have going on here. Only this time a wicked witch has turned animals into human servants … and keeps their pelts in her closet.

Then she is murdered and our animal/humans — beasties — take off on an adventure, with their pelts in hand, to find another witch to rebind them before they return to their animal selves again.

This book is dark. It’s twisty. There are goblins, evil witches, cruel ruling powers, enchanted evil trees & gardens and a kind topiary bear. Grim Lovelies takes you racing through present day unsuspecting Paris, and it is quite an enjoyable fantasy ride.

Grim Lovelies discusses found family, discovering your strength, and what we can sacrifice for those we love. Anouk’s journey from hapless, naive servant to strong, kickass, powerful leader is fantastic! There is a surprising amount of diversity included in such a short story including transgender, LGBTQ+ relationship, and persons of colour without feeling forced.

While I felt disappointed in the ending … mostly I was just wanting a little more “light” at the end of our journey … I know we’ve been set up for, what should be, an exciting sequel.


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