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Review: The Night Tiger

The Night Tiger

When people talked about being lucky, perhaps they simply wanted to feel powerful, as though they could manipulate fate.”

Presenting (in best circus announcer voice): The amazing! The incredible! The completely unexplainable novel!

So this book.

THIS book.

I cannot even try to explain what in the ever loving monkey pants type of book this is.

It is mythological.

It is romantic.

It is a thriller.

It is a mystery.

It is religious.

It is magic.

It is …


The Night Tiger is truly a story that incapsulates all the above genres and does it without being a 700+ page nightmare. How? I dunno. But it works.

This is another book that didn’t capture my impatient self at first. I had to calm down a bit and give it its due time. Glad I did because it is one of those stories that feels slow, maybe a little boring, maybe a little confusing, but somehow you can’t stop reading? (I’m the only one who experiences this? Probably).

It was just such an incredible adventure.

And the love story … slow burn and all the heart eyes.

The Night Tiger explores 1930s colonial Malaysia (or Malaya then) – a lush, tropical setting that I’ve never been to before. I highly recommend google searching some imagery to really set the tone for your imagination — especially of the architecture and the Batu Gajah General Hospital (where a lot the book takes place).

Once again we’ve got a fierce, independently powerful woman protagonist trying to carve space for herself in a world that damn near makes it impossible. While trying to untangle a complicated mystery and possessing a …. severed finger? I always gravitate to stories with powerful women. It keeps us remembering where we have come from and where we still need to go.

This book simply amazed me. I never knew where it was going to twist next and I was so wrapped up in the lush setting, the mythology, the mystery and the romance.

Definitely a favourite of 2019. Read it.


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