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Review: Sorcery of Thorns

Sorcery of Thorns

“Do you read books Miss Scrivener? Novels?”

“Yes, of course. As many as I can. Doesn’t everyone?”

I think this book had me on page one with the dedication, For all the girls who found themselves in books. This is a book custom made for book lovers …well, it’s about books, books that have personalities and can communicate, while also taking place mostly in ancient, beautiful libraries.

Elizabeth Scrivener is an apprentice librarian in Summershall, one of six great libraries in Austermeer. Orphaned, Elizabeth has literally been raised in the library and, well, by the library. This isn’t an ordinary library with old, stuffy, lovely books – it’s a library with old, stuffy, lovely books that can communicate! These books hold great magic and when damaged can become dangerous living Malifects hell-bent on death and destruction.

When an act of sabotage releases one powerful Mailfect and leaves Elizabeth’s beloved director killed, Elizabeth is framed as the perpetrator. She is sent to the capital to be sentenced but twists arise and Elizabeth finds herself caught in a dangerous plot involving the libraries that threatens all citizens of Austermeer. The only person she can turn to for help is the roguish and mysterious Nathaniel Thorn … a powerful sorcerer and sworn enemy.

Margaret Rogerson writes a spellbinding novel here that has the reader madly flipping through the pages. Her methodical plotting is perfectly timed with the story never dragging or stalling. The characters are bold, dynamic and alive.

Elizabeth is feisty, strong, passionate, and has an unfailing moral compass. She never pauses to do the right thing. Nathaniel is tragic, sarcastic, mysterious and the ultimate partner. His demon, Silas, will steal your heart as you fall in love with him right alongside Elizabeth.

The characters are tested both physically and mentally as their preconceived beliefs are challenged – each character growing and expanding and changing their rigid, set ways.

I felt strong Beauty and the Beast meets a bit of Harry Potter while I read this treat of a book. It is full of fantastic one-liners and even pokes at our current political failings —- To think that the world could fall to ruin due to the decisions of a single, small-minded man in charge – that that was all it took to doom everyone —-

Margaret Rogerson has simply spun a fabulous, magical, romantic tale hand-made for all who love a good story.


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