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Feature: Ink & Wonder

Ink & Wonder Hobbit bookmark

Ink & Wonder is an Australian based, small bookish company renowned for the original “woodmark”. Paris began selling her book-themed boldly illustrated and vividly coloured woodmarks that quickly took the book community by storm, often being featured in many book subscription boxes. The woodmarks are made with 100% ethically sourced, sustainable wood and her focus is to consistently deliver a high quality product.

Her company has greatly expanded since its beginnings to include a vast array of woodmark fandoms, accessories, enamel pins, wall art, stickers, stationary and the Wonder Crate. The Wonder Crate is a semi regular themed crate that includes an enamel pin, 1-2 feature items, 3 woodworks, and 3-4 stationery or accessory items for $39.99 Australian (heavily discounted than purchasing individually).

I had received a couple woodmarks in past subscription boxes and was very impressed with the quality and the explosive, colourful imagery of her designs. I decided it was time to make an order for myself!

I selected two woodmarks and an enamel pin.

I was amazed by all three products.

The enamel pin, featuring Cleopatra and the phrase “I will not be triumphed over” is an excellent quality, heavy enamel that comes with two backings (a big pet peeve of mine are large enamel pins with one backing … they simply slide all over!) … most importantly this pin glows in the dark! How cool is that?!

Ink & Wonder Cleopatra pin

The two woodmarks I chose are Luna Lovegood and her rabbit Patronus and The Shire featuring the quote “Don’t adventures ever have an end? I suppose not. Someone else always has to carry on the story.”

Ink & Wonder Luna Bookmark

I’m super impressed with both woodmarks. The colours are vibrant, the designs clear and vivid, the wood smooth and not too thick (this is another annoyance of mine – woodmarks that are too thick to be usable as a bookmark!).

All prices are in Australian dollars and shipping was very reasonable. She offers $3 Aus for untracked shipping of woodmarks with delivery taking 2-4 weeks or $8.50 Aus for tracked shipping with 1-2 week delivery. (The cost to ship other products or crates are higher and on a sliding scale).

I chose the tracked method and my package arrived 1 week later – to Canada! I was very impressed with everything in my order, the delivery was super fast, the quality excellent and she included a free sticker! I highly recommend checking out Ink & Wonder for your next bookish indulgence or for the certain, special book lover in your life!


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