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Unboxing: OwlCrate Jr. September 2022

“Map It Out”

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What an amazing – and amazingly colour-coordinated – box this month! Full of some beautiful designs and unique goodies, this was definitely a new favourite box of mine! Here’s what was inside: 

How lovely is this Strangeworlds Travel Agency inspired sketchbook from Jone Leal? I love all the colours included and this is one of my favourite OwlCrate Jr. books, so it was really nice to see a bookish goodie inspired by it! I love how this item turned out! 

But as lovely as the hardcover sketchbook is, it doesn’t top my love for this Nevermoor inspired water bottle sleeve designed by Jocelyn Kao … if you know me, are you surprised?? Lovely colours, wonderful Nevermoor easter eggs, and it keeps water colder for even longer with a handy dandy carrying handle! This is a win-win-win item in my book. 

Our very first OwlCrate Jr. box was the September 2017 The Great Outdoors box which also included a compass. So this Middle Earth compass was a nice throwback item for my daughter and I. Designed by Hey Atlas Creative.

I’m always encouraging my daughter to keep track of her reading and journal a bit about each read. It not only enhances the enjoyment and learning of each book to take a few minutes to pause and ponder the story, but it also enhances literary skills & retention! So this Literary Location Passport little notebook, designed by Steph Stilwell is super handy. A little notebook for mini bookworms to start the practice of a reading journal, but making it fun, simple and engaging! 

This all seasons hot air ballon craft inspired by Unmapped Chronicles, designed by Vanessa Port, is going to look so awesome hanging over my daughter’s desk or bookshelf … haven’t decided which yet!

Who doesn’t love scratch off … anything?! This super cool OwlCrate Jr. Story Plots Scratch Off Map (phew! a mouthful!) is such a brilliant idea and I can’t wait to see if OwlCrate Jr. includes more in the future! (Something tells me they will …) It was really fun scratching off each location and determining the little easter egg hidden beneath and how it pertained to the story! Designed by Jana Curll.

Lastly, this month’s book! Mapmaker by Lisa Moore Ramee, which came with an exclusive cover, a signed bookplate, a letter from the author, AND the 9th character card in the 2022 trading card collection from Andrew Kolb.

Some Map It Out boxes are available in the shop at www.owlcrate.com! Grab one now for an excellent Christmas present for the little bookworms in your life. Better yet, snag a subscription and never miss out on the bookish fun! Sign up now and use code TALES15 to save yourself 15% off your first box.

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