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Unboxing: OwlCrate Jr. August 2022

“Mythical Beasts”

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You had me at the title! Anything Mythical, Magical Beasts is going to be right up my literary alley! This August’s OwlCrate Jr. box was full of some fandom favourites of mine … here’s a look inside! 

This Hobbit inspired Smaug tin treasure chest is absolutely gorgeous and one of my favourite items we have received this year!! (Currently holds my Pokemon dice and hit point counters). Anne Lambelet is the designer of this beautiful tin, who also created another of my favourite OwlCrate Jr. pieces, the Literary Luggage suitcase from last year! 

Since OwlCrate included a bowl cozy in the fall of 2020, it has been a fought over item in this house. Luckily we can stop now with the inclusion of this beautiful Aru Shah bowl cozy, designed by @sandhyaprabhat … except this is now the favourite bowl cozy … so let the fighting continue! 

I love when OwlCrate Jr. includes craft kits and activities and this month’s kit is exceptional! With this Frostheart inspired felt creature craft kit, you can create your own cuddly creatures to adorn your bookshelves! Designed by Michelle Gray.

Stick this Fablehaven inspired puffy sticker to your notebook or journal for an adorable bookish touch! Designed by Lydia Jean Art. 

I say it so many times, but I will never get sick of receiving stationery items … especially gel pens! Adding to our collection is this Flower Creature gel pen from BC Mini – what color did you get?? 

Lastly, the book! This month’s book pick was Fenris & Mott by Greg Van Eekhout, which came with an exclusive cover, a signed bookplate, letter from the author, and reversible dust jacket artwork from @springng_. This month’s book also came with the 8th character card in the 2022 trading card collection from @kolbisneat! 

Some Mythical Beasts boxes are still available at www.owlcrate.com. 

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