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Unboxing: OwlCrate Jr. February 2022

“Finders Keepers” 

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So my December OwlCrate and our February OwlCrate Jr. box arrived on the same day, so it was a big ol’ celebration of everything underwater and mermaids and I was all for it! I love nautical/mermaid/ocean book box themes! OwlCrate Jr. nailed the theme this month and I love every single item … here’s a look inside:

Eerie-On-Sea inspired book sleeve designed by Hanna Sandvig. (OwlCrate Jr. super fans might recognize Hanna’s work from the January 2020 box, in which she designed the lovely Neverland map!) Hanna’s map designs are so whimsical and lovely and I’m in love with the colours chosen in this book sleeve – if you haven’t started the Malamander series yet, what are you waiting for?! One of my favourite Middle Grade series! 

Anytime we receive Fiction Bath Co. products I get very excited and this sparkly golden bubble bath elixir (that smells like sweet, fresh clementines!) is one of my favourite products we’ve received yet! Of course I love all things sparkly and shiny, which brings us to …

Moana-inspired Rainbow Catcher Window Cling! This Tamatoa inspired window cling casts beautiful rainbows all over your room when the sun catches it, I think Tamatoa himself would be very pleased! Designed by Nikola Fruhaufova. 

The colours of this Little Mermaid inspired comb make my turquoise loving heart super happy! Is it my favourite item in the box? Yeah, I think so! Or at least tied with the super sparkly rainbow window catcher …

Steph Stilwell designed this Finders Keepers Activity Book for OwlCrate Jr. subscribers and it is full of word searches, prompts, colouring pages and more! My daughter was really excited to get working on this one – a perfect screen free distraction for Spring break! 

Even though I’d love to feel the warmth of Spring, winter is still holding on strong here on the Canadian Prairie! So this reusable hand warmer – inspired by City of Ember and designed by Hey Atlas Creative – will be very appreciated by my daughter. Between skating, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing in gym classes – she’ll get lots of use outta this item! 

Finally, the monthly book pick! A Comb of Wishes by Lisa Stringfellow is calling out to my Goosebumps loving inner child with that creepy cover … this OwlCrate Jr. edition came with an exclusive cover, a signature plate, and an author letter! Also included is the second trading card in the 2022 collector character card series, illustrated by Andrew Kolb. 

Some FINDERS KEEPERS boxes are still available on the site – owlcrate.com. You can sign up for a now for March’s REAL FRIENDS box, remember to use code TALES15 to save 15% at checkout!! 

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