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Unboxing: OwlCrate Jr. June 2021

“Wondrous Worlds”

OwlCrate Jr. June 2021 Unboxing

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I’m so excited to share June’s OwlCrate Jr. box with you all! This has to be one of my ultimate favourite OwlCrate Jr. boxes, although I know I say that a lot … Let’s take a look inside: 

This bookish tin suitcase designed by Anne Lambelet (@annelambelet) is truly amazing! Resembling an old fashioned suitcase covered in literary world travel badges including: Middle Earth, Nerverland, the Emerald City, Wonderland, the Hundred Acre Forest and more! It is not only the largest item ever included in an OwlCrate Jr. box, but one of my all time favourites. This is going to be a very popular item – make sure to snag a box to secure your own! 

OwlCrate Jr. June 2021 lunch box

OwlCrate Jr. June 2021 lunch box

In the October 2018 “Mail Call” box we received a Fold-and-Mail stationery set from BoyGirlParty (@boygirlparty) and I’m so happy to receive another pack! My daughter is pen pals with a lot of friends and family members and these adorably designed letters are such fun and so useful! Written letters and mail is so undervalued in our digital age but it’s so special to receive snail mail. Start a written relationship with a friend or grandparent or send a letter of love to our friends at OwlCrate! They might just write you back … 

OwlCrate Jr. June 2021 boygirlparty stationery

What stationery set is complete without a pen? Always the professionals, OwlCrate Jr. has you covered with an awesome new gel pen to add to our collection! This out-of-this-world sparkle planet gel pen will be your new favourite! 

OwlCrate Jr. June 2021 gel pen

Keep all your books labeled and organized with this set of bookplates from Eden Cooke (@edencooke). These beautiful bookplates were inspired by Lyra’s London (His Dark Materials) – does anyone else remember signing their name in their books right away? Just me??

OwlCrate Jr. June 2021 book plates

I love patches! My daughter has a Jansport backpack that I iron on all our OwlCrate Jr. patches onto, but I’m tempted to iron this one onto my own jean jacket. This Literary Voyager merit badge was designed by Erin Gibbs (@erin_gibbs). 

OwlCrate Jr. June 2021 patch

This beautiful, turquoise metal bookmark was designed by @theindysign featuring a quote from one of my favourite authors – Neil Gaiman: “Wherever you go, you take yourself with you.”

OwlCrate Jr. June 2021 metal bookmark

Lastly, before the book pick, is our monthly collectible sticker designed by @amysmarshjohnson. 

OwlCrate Jr. June 2021 monthly sticker

Time to set off this summer with June’s portal fantasy book pick: Strangeworlds Travel Agency by L.D. Lapinsky, which came signed by the author, with an exclusive OwlCrate Jr. cover and with the author letter bound inside the book! 

OwlCrate Jr. June 2021 Strangeworlds Travel Agency

If you missed out on this box, there are a few left in the shop – so head over to owlcrate.com and grab one quick! 

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