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Unboxing: OwlCrate Jr. November 2020

“Home Sweet Home”

OwlCrate Jr. November 2020 Unboxing

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Well, after it’s incredibly long journey through the backlogged mail system, my November OwlCrate Jr. “Home Sweet Home” box finally landed in my greedy little hands. Maybe there is good luck in being (likely) the last person to receive their box?? Let’s hope so!

It is always going to be a good day for me when I crack the seal on my OwlCrate Jr. box and find a Nevermoor item! This month we were lovingly gifted with a Hotel Deucalion keychain designed by @pineapple.sundays. This wonderful keychain features little nods to the Nevermoor series including a little crow and, of course, the ever prominent “brollies” that play such a fun part in the series. Highly recommend this wonderfully delightful middle grade series if you haven’t picked it up!

OwlCrate Jr. November 2020 Nevermoor keychain

Nobody does magnetic bookmarks better than the duo behind Craftedvan, with their joyful magnetic creations. Included this month is a jumbo bookmark featuring the iconic Pippi Longstocking and her monkey sidekick, Mr. Nilsson. This magnetic bookmark is so charming and I love the extra detail Craftedvan always puts into their bookmarks – the backs are actually a completely different image! In this case featuring Pippi’s infamous home, the Villa Villekulla. This item puts a major smile on my face every time I look at it!

Craftedvan Pippi Longstocking bookmarks

Craftedvan Pippi Longstocking bookmarks

Speaking of adorable … this month’s collective vinyl sticker is so stinking cute! Drawn and designed by Maria Neradova (@marillustrator), the sticker features adorable mice and bugs living inside a pumpkin. It’s so wonderfully cute that I can ignore the fact that there are worms and bugs aplenty!

OwlCrate Jr. November 2020 Sticker

Next up is a 100 piece puzzle of the theme card for the November box, designed by @veepdoodles. Vanessa never fails to make the cutest theme cards and I’m always thrilled when team OwlCrate turns these into puzzles. Puzzles have become a staple in this home throughout 2020 and I know my puzzle loving daughter will have fun putting this one together.

OwlCrate Jr. November 2020 Puzzle

I’ve mentioned it before but I truly never will get tired of anything The Hobbit, and this bright, cheerful pencil case featuring a wonderful recreation of Bilbo’s Hobbit hole is a pure delight. Designed by @kolbisneat (the same creator behind the hilarious Zombie tote bag in our September OwlCrate Jr. box), this item will be another that I know my daughter and I will fight over!

OwlCrate Jr. November 2020 Hobbit pencil case

The last item before the book is …. another book! OwlCrate Jr. included this paperback copy of Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. I have wanted to read this incredibly popular story (with an even more popular movie by Studio Ghibli!) but never got around to it. I’m really excited to read this story with my daughter and bring an end to my shameful ignorance.

Howl's Moving Castle

Finally, the book pick for the month of November was Cinders & Sparrows by Stefan Bachmann which came with an author letter, signed book plate, and bookmark from the publisher. This spooky gothic story centres around a young witch, who unknowingly is the sole survivor in a line of witches, as she learns of her powers and of the great danger that chases her. I have a feeling this is going to be a fabulous read!

Cinders & Sparrows

Another bright, cheery box full of delightful bookish goodies and a wonderful new middle grade story to devour! If you’re interested in subscribing to OwlCrate Jr. they are currently selling the January “Inner Magic” box and you can use my code *TALES15* to save 15% off a new subscription.

If you missed out on this fabulous “Home Sweet Home” box, you’re in luck! A few boxes remain in the shop at owlcrate.com

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