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Unboxing: OwlCrate March 2020

“Music of the Night”

OwlCrate March 2020 Unboxing

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This March, OwlCrate celebrated it’s FIVE year anniversary! In honour of this achievement, the fabulous team delivered us a special anniversary box that included an extra item, deluxe special edition book, and a one-time-only special edition colour of their box! Here’s what was inside:

These adorable OwlCrate socks were sent out to their reps at Christmas time as a thank-you, and I am so very happy to get another pair! They are comfy and oh-so-adorable and I definitely need a back up to cherish in my drawer.

OwlCrate March 2020 socks

OwlCrate keeps killing it with unique items this year, including a wireless speaker with the wonderful little Oswald face peaking out! My daughter has currently claimed this, and it looks so cute standing on her nightstand!

OwlCrate March 2020 Oswald speaker

The theme of the March box was “Music of the Night” which of course means something Phantom of the Opera needed to be included … this gorgeous poster illustrated by Anne Lambelet is incredible. I love her take on the classic Masquerade scene!

OwlCrate March 2020 Phantom of the Opera poster

This wooden art print is my favourite item in the box – how gorgeous is this Monster of Verity inspired design by Emilee Rudd? I really loved this duology by Victoria Schwab, honestly my favourite novels of hers, so I am very happy to display this on my bookshelf!

OwlCrate March 2020 Schwab sign

Harry Potter Bookplates! A couple months ago OwlCrate Jr included some bookplates in their box and I have been hoping we would receive some in the “mama” box … and this lovely, charcoal drawing of Hedwig on a stack of books is perfection. But maybe too pretty to actually use?? We will see… (Illustrated by @veresknatasia_art).

OwlCrate March 2020 bookplates

I can never get enough candles in book boxes! This month we received a candle from Flick the Wick, inspired by Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones. Fresh fruity scents of winter berries, peach, yuzu, pear and fresh air, the perfect combination to bring some spring inside!

OwlCrate March 2020 candle

This Bella’s Lullaby Lip Scrub by Fairytale Bath Company is such a cheeky item and I love it! Get your lips pucker ready with this yummy chocolate chip sugar scrub … I’ve used it already and let me tell you, it’s hard to not just eat it all up. Just saying …

OwlCrate March 2020 scrub

The enamel pin this month was designed by Fable and Black and features the intriguing, gorgeous tree on the front of Kingdom of Back. Can’t wait to read this book and learn more about this tree!

OwlCrate March 2020 Enamel Pin

The book pick of the month is Kingdom of Back by Marie Lu … and it has to be the most stunning OwlCrate special edition I’ve seen yet! With beautiful silver foiled edges, exclusive silver foiling on the hardback, signed, and of course the blue-toned special edition front cover … it is so bloody pretty, and I’m in love! It also came with a letter from Marie Lu.

OwlCrate Exclusive Kingdom of Back

Another absolutely excellent box from OwlCrate! It is so amazing of them to make such a special, high quality special edition box for their subscribers at no extra cost to us. It is the amazing details and appreciation to their customers that keeps me such a loyal, faithful fan of this wonderful team.

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OwlCrate March 2020 Kingdom of Back foil

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