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Unboxing: Papergang May 2021

Papergang May 2021 Unboxing

I love subscription boxes. It’s basically a mini Christmas/Birthday surprise every single month! Papergang is one of my personal favourite monthly subscription boxes because they consistently deliver high quality, super fun stationery products at a very inexpensive price point. Each box comes from the UK but only costs me around $20/mth (Canadian)! 

Besides working with really cool artists each month, delivering amazing products, Papergang are focused on equality and inclusion in the workplace, but they also have a strong environmental conscience, planting 1 tree per 4 boxes sold (with TreeAid). Not to mention almost everything included in the boxes are plastic free, recycle, and/or reusable, and always printed on sustainably sourced paper!!

Here’s a look inside the super fun May box, designed by Steffi Lynn:

  1. Linen Daily Planner: This perfect, pocket sized daily planner features 256 pages. I am a major to-do list maker and have tried many, many, maaaaany planners and really love the simplicity of these daily planners that feature a big space for your to-do list, key tasks, a timetable scheduler, and a page for notes & doodles. It is the perfect size to pop in your purse/bag so you can keep those notes always with you! 
  2. A5 Art Print: I keep a hanging wall frame near my desk to regularly switch out these awesome art prints so they can be displayed to their maximum benefit. How awesome is this delightfully cheery print?
  3. Page flags: A set of 5 designs with 30 sheets each, these bright page flags are perfect for marking important dates in your planner, on your calendar, or, as I use them, as markers in my books for quotes/passages I want to return to. 
  4. Holographic Vinyl Sticker: I love this sticker, which would look great on a water bottle, but I’ve chosen to pop it inside my planner so I can look upon its shiny, sparkly glory. 
  5. Holographic pencil set: I really don’t need to explain my love for these pencils – if you’ve seen my “about me” or follow me on instagram, you know my obsession for sparkly, holographic glory is high. 
  6. Paperclips: A selection of turquoise, black, purple, and silver paperclips (set of 60 total) came in this reusable linen cloth pouch. 
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