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Holiday Gift Guide for Her 2019

Gift Guide for Her

Gift Guide for Her

I love buying gifts. I love combing the far recesses of the internet for quirky gifts. Let’s face it, I love shopping.

Ergo, a collection of Christmas Gift Guides was inevitable when I launched this site in the spring. I have spent a long time (read: way too many hours) hunting for items for these lists. I will have a gift guide for her, gift guide for him, (although many items on both lists can really be for a man or a woman, depending on your recipient), a top picks for kids, and finally (in early December) I will post my ultimate stocking stuffer guide!


Here are my top picks for her …

$20 to $50:

1. Stars Hollow Poster (starting at $24.50 Cdn). Who doesn’t love Gilmore Girls? Frame one of these Gilmore Girl posters for the super-fan on your list and you’ll definitely win Christmas. That’s a thing right?

2. Hammered Metal Moon Cycle banner ($22 Cdn): This is at the tippy top of my wishlist this year. This would look so amazing hanging over a bed, desk area or bookshelf. I’m obsessed with this lunar banner.

3. Squeeze the Day Bathmat ($49 Cdn): I like giving (and getting gifts) that will be used regularly. What gets more daily use than a bathmat? This quirky, bright & happy bathmat from Urban Outfitters is sure to start your day off on a positive note.

4. Lush Bath Bomb Gift Set of 5 ($44.95 Cdn): I love Lush bath bombs, but they are so stinkin’ expensive for a single use. I love giving a gift like this – one that a person really loves or could use, but hesitates to purchase because of cost. There are many bath bombs, but I always return to Lush. They are Queen.

5. Ceramic Bear Measuring Cups ($36 Usd): I think I have had an Antropologie ceramic, nesting measuring cup set on my wishlist for five years now … hint, hint husband … but these nesting bears have to be my favourite. Again just a lovely gift that someone might not purchase for themselves because they are bit pricey, but will use regularly and bring a smile. This is a no-brainer for the baker on your list.

6. Solar System Cutting Board ($44 Cdn): This gorgeous wooden cutting board from Urban Outfitters is spectacular. I am terrible at buying good quality kitchen tools and of course end up paying for it when I inevitably cut myself chasing my flimsy cutting boards around my tile countertop. Not only is this a substantial weight, I think it would look amazing displayed in your kitchen. Which is totally what I plan to do with mine if I’m lucky enough to get it this Christmas … lest I cut those pretty pretty stars 😀

7. Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie Throw Pillow ($48-68 Usd): Who wouldn’t want a Joanna Gaines designed home? These beautiful pillows will fit into any home/bedroom decor scheme and the amazing textures and patterns are prime for bookstagram images. Just saying …

8. Papergang Monthly Stationary Subscription (About $23 Cdn/ month): I love gifting subscription boxes because they keep the fun going past Christmas, but many can get expensive. Papergang is a super fun, high quality stationary subscription service that sends out a themed, artist designed box full of stationary goodies (think notebooks, notepads, to-do lists, calendars, wrapping paper, gift cards, pens, pencils … etc). I love that they use different artists each month and the proceeds from their boxes often support charities. With every box purchased money is put towards planting trees to offset the paper environmental cost. Love this company!

9. How to House Plant (A Beginners Guide to Making and Keeping Plant Friends) ($22.95 Cdn): I am seeing houseplants coming back “in style” if you will, with many specialists, therapists and “enthusiasts of all” encouraging the calming, mental health benefits of house plants. This is a cheeky, pretty coffee table book that might just encourage the greatest skeptic to become a green thumb. (It also pairs pretty nicely with a gift in my extravagant suggestions below).

10. Beauty Gifts: Sephora gift sets and Christmas are ubiquitous in my world. No gift guide for her could be complete without my top pick but I couldn’t pick just one:

NARS Mini blush and lip balm set ($32 Cdn): When it comes to purchasing mini gift sets look for ones that have blush, lip product, or mascara. These mini sized products last a surprisingly long time, increasing your value for money. NARS offers a couple lip/blush colour combos so you can pick appropriately for skin tone.

Beautyblender Jewel Box Mystery Box ($26 Cdn): Ok, the surprise blind bag ornament of this gift is kind of gimmicky, but the full size beautyblender is no joke. I held off on buying one for so many years and finally I was gifted one … it is truly amazing. It applies foundation and powder like I know what I’m doing. Which I don’t. Most people aren’t going to spend $30 on a makeup sponge, but they will sure appreciate you if you do!

$50 and up

I don’t believe you have to spend a lot to get a really nice gift, but if you are going to splurge a bit, here are my three top suggestions.

11. Tiffany’s Everyday Objects Terra-cotta Flowerpots (set of 2 for $135 Cdn): You cannot go wrong with a robin egg blue, white ribboned box from Tiffany’s – and there are many good jewelry options in the $200 zone, but I am obsessed with these little pots this year. You could pair them with the house plants book from above for a deluxe gift or these would make excellent makeup brush holders (or lipsticks, lipglosses, pencils, etc) for your vanity,  pen/pencil holder for your desk, or a “catch-all” pot on your nightstand.

12. Jo Malone London Candles ($90 Cdn): $90 is bonkers for a candle, I know. But Jo Malone makes the nicest smelling luxurious candles … ever. My personal favourite is Pomegranate Noir and I have had mine for FOUR years! What I love about Jo Malone candles (other than how beautifully packaged they are and how lovely they look on your nightstand/bookshelf/coffee table), is that you don’t need to light them for them to fill your room with cozy fragrance. Definitely a deluxe gift, but one that will last and last …. and last.

13. Too Faced Christmas Cookie House Party ($75 Cdn): When it comes to beauty gifts at Christmas no one does the packaging up better than Too Faced. This cookie house party set is stuffed full of makeup – mascara, lip products, blush, eye shadow – it’s got it all. For the makeup lover, makeup novice, teen, young adult, (or young at heart adult adult) on your list, I think Too Faced works for many ladies. I am by no means an expert with makeup and Too Faced are the only eyeshadows that work for me. Plus! These gift sets are so nicely packaged they can be broken up into 3 or more gifts … how’s that for saving time and money?

Hope you enjoyed the 2019 Christmas Gift Guide for her! Happy Shopping!

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