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Holiday Gift Guide for Kids 2020

I was surprised by how popular my gift guide for kids was last year! I guess there are more kid-at-heart types like me out there … scrolling through kid gift guides is one of my favourite things to do, after all! As with last year’s kid gift guide, I try to focus on quality, playability, and imaginative potential rather than branded or gimmicky.

This gift guide is aimed at Elementary aged/Middle grade aged kids.

Harperiman Handman Dolls

Harperiman – $98 USD

I have never seen a more gorgeous collection of handmade dolls with such amazing personalities as these Harperiman Dolls. Created by a mother-daughter duo determined to craft high quality dolls of color that represent real children of color – their diversity and their importance. As they state: “It’s hard to be what you cannot see.” Purchasing these dolls from this Black owned business helps to support this mission.

You can find it here: Harperiman

Grandparent and Grandkid Pen Pal Set

Anthropologie – $24 USD

Over the last year my daughter has become pen pals with her Granny and it is such a special thing to witness. Help encourage your child to form this everlasting bond with his/her grandparents with this amazing set of prompts, lists, and ideas that they can share. A great way to get a very special pen pal relationship started.

You can find it here: Anthropologie


Piccolina Kids T-Shirts

Piccolina – $28 USD

I couldn’t resist adding in this Ruth Bader Ginsburg tee this year and absolutely love this brand’s mission to make gender nonconforming, high quality children’s clothing.

You can find it here: Piccolina



Dragonwood: A Game of Dice and Daring

Dilly Dally Kids – $28.99 CDN

This super game from the brilliant game creators at Gamewright is one of my family’s absolute favourite games. We like to play games at the dinner table and really look for card based games – this game delivers a fun fantasy adventure, with the added bonus of learning & math practice! Win-win-win!!

You can find it here: Dilly Dally Kids

25 Wildflower Seed Bomb

Botanical Paperworks – $30 CDN

This is such a neat item for your next home science project! The Etsy shop, Botanical Paperworks, makes these seed bombs filled with pure, high-quality seed blends (a mix of Sweet Alyssum, Bird’s Eye, Black Eyed Susan, Clarkia, Snap Dragon, Catchfly and English Daisy.) Place the seed bombs in a sunny area and surround them with moist soil. Make sure they get plenty of water for germination. For best results, you can soak them overnight before planting. Non GMO and tested and approved by the CFIA and the USDA for planting in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia as well as many other countries worldwide. I think these are such a fun idea!

You can find it here: Etsy

The Mysteries of the Universe

Anywhere books are sold – $25.99 CDN

Filled with amazing photography, interesting tidbits and facts about this amazing solar system of ours – bizarre planets, distant stars, intricate galaxies and more … definitely a must for any space lover on your list. I love DK anthology books! Pair with this adorable journal from the small, black owned Etsy Shop – Copper and Brass Paper Co.

You can find it here: Bookshop.org

Djeco 500 Piece Puzzle

Dilly Dally Kids – $19.99 CDN

My daughter loves puzzles – she is so much better at them than me! – and I love seeing puzzles making a comeback in 2020. Djeco makes absolutely stunning puzzles with incredible scenery, artwork, and quality puzzle pieces. Once assembled you could easily modpodge these pieces into a unique art piece for your child’s wall!

You can find it here: Dilly Dally Kids

Corduroy Floor Pillow

Urban Outfitters – $49 CDN

I can’t think of a kid who can’t use a good quality floor pillow in some way – whether it’s for playing on the floor in front of a dollhouse, reading, playing video games, or watching Netflix with friends … a floor pillow has so much useful potential, you might want to pick up a few during Black Friday!

You can find it here: Urban Outfitters


Maileg Matchbox Mice

Dilly Dally Kids – $39.99 CDN

No one, I repeat NO ONE, can resist the incredible adorable world of Maileg. These heirloom quality toys are the perfect combination of playfulness and whimsy. Maileg is designed in Denmark by Dorthe Mailil, a woman with an overwhelming passion for design, fairytale dreams and creating toys that inspire the imaginations of children around the world. In fact, these loveable mice are featured in art galleries around the world including the Louvre in Paris and MOMA in New York. Highly, highly recommend this enchanting world … truly the highest quality toys I’ve ever come across. My ten year old still can’t get enough of them!

You can find it here: Dilly Dally Kids

Positive Vibes Yoga Mat

Anthropologie – $58 USD

If there was a year to encourage your kids to start up a calming yoga practice – or mediation or simply a space to just sit and breathe – this is it! Positive Vibes yoga mats come in a great selection of kid friendly, bright mats designed for ages 3-10. Pair with a great set of Yoga for Kids flashcards.

You can find it here: Anthropologie


OwlCrate Jr. Subscription

OwlCrate Jr. – $27.99 USD/month

Not surprising that this would be on my gift guide is it? OwlCrate Jr. simply has a magic wand and incredible ability to continually make reading magic come alive month after month. Delivering a curated, themed box every month that includes a new release middle grade book pick and 4-5 bookish goodies to celebrate that theme … this is the one gift I am constantly recommending to anyone with middle grade aged kids! Use code TALES15 to save 15% off a new subscription!

You can find it here: OwlCrate Jr.

Mickey Mouse Toaster

Amazon – $32 CDN

Okay, this might be a bit gimmicky … but how much more fun will your morning toast or lunch sandwich be with Mickey Mouse ears toasted on each slice?




Magna-Tiles 32 Piece Set

Amazon – $67 CDN

There is no one that can resist building and playing with Magna-Tiles. I simply don’t think it’s possible! Hours of open ended play here (you can purchase larger kits to make a whole Magna-Tile world) as these plastic tiles simply, easily click together to create towers, castles, villages and more. It’s amazing how addictive this building toy is! (But don’t buy the knock-offs, as tempting as the price difference is!)

Carapau Heirloom Stuffies

Goodee – $100 USD

So, this may seem steep. But these incredible quality stuffed animals are more than just your regular stuffed animal! From concept to creation, each Carapau doll is lovingly made in Portugal, with raw-materials, eco-friendly craftsmanship and modern design. A family-run business, Carapau also works to protect endangered species and landscapes: a portion of each animal purchase is given back to wildlife conservation organizations. These adorable, whimsical pieces are made to love and, more importantly, to last a lifetime!

You can find it here: Goodee

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Anywhere books are sold – $44.99 CDN

You’ve likely heard of this already, but if you were like me and balked a little at the price and hesitated … don’t. This is one of the best purchases I made this year for my daughter – she absolutely loves these short stories highlighting such brave, important, powerful women of our history. Each entry is illustrated by a different female illustrator and includes the *just right* amount of detail to keep kids engaged. We read one together each night, snuggled in her bed … it’s an amazing collection. (There is also a second instalment of the Rebel Girls and a Stories for Boys Who Dare to be Different, in the series.)

You can find it here: Bookshop.org

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