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Epic Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

Stocking stuffers have to be my favourite gifts to shop for … there is nothing more joyful than tiny little treasures is there? I just have so much fun with this – both to give and to get!

So here is my last gift guide of 2019, an epic stocking stuffer guide for him, for her, and for kids – all in one place! Pick and choose to your heart’s content!

For Him/For Her/Teen:

Stocking Stuffer

Stocking Stuffer

Stocking Stuffer

1. Bob Ross Talking Key Chain ($9.00 Cdn): We all need positive reinforcement in our lives. The world in general could use more Bob Ross’.

2. Rifle Paper Co Notepad ($8.00 Usd): Making to-do lists have never been so pretty … maybe too pretty to use?

3. Smile sponge ($6.00 Cdn): Useful, will look super cute hanging on your kitchen faucet … guaranteed delight … might even make doing dishes more fun…. maybe.

4. Christmas Spatula ($10 Usd): Anthropologie is a go-to for unique gift ideas, but can get pricey. These lovely spatulas, in collaboration with Rifle Paper Co, bring all the fun at stocking stuffer cost. Or pair with a funky dishtowel for a gift!

5. World’s Smallest Toy Blind Box ($8.00 Cdn): Adults want to have fun too! These adorable little blind boxes feature classic toys from UNO to My Little Ponies. Go ahead and feed that inner child!

6. Every Drop Spatula ($6.62 Cdn): These awesome itty bitty spatulas make easy work of getting every drop of your expensive makeup/lotion/shower gel/etc … Man, woman, child can find good use for these.

7. Astrology Soap ($13.27 Cdn): Soy based, handmade soap based on your personal zodiac in a corresponding unique scent? Essential.

8. Crescent Moon Photo Stand ($10.00 Usd): Perfect desk accessory for the star gazer in your life … hold photos, hold cards, hold quotes … whatever you like!

9. Jane Austen Socks ($10 Usd): Is it a stocking if it doesn’t have socks? Take your pick of amazing literary socks at Uncommon Goods, but these Jane Austen ones are my favourite! (Note: They also have excellent man socks as well).

10. Chocolate Holiday Cards ($11.97 Cdn): These adorable chocolate cards are filled with yummy chocolate, made in America, and have a little spot for a personal note! Would make a great teacher gift as well.

11. Reusable Silicone Drinking Straws ($17.99 Cdn): Help our planet’s plastic crisis by gifting one of these handy all-in-one reusable straws. Comes in a pack of 4 so you can fill a couple stockings and do good for the environment! Each comes with a silicone straw (I much prefer to metal) and a cleaning brush, all contained in a little ready-to-go travel container.

12. Go Away Kitchen Towel ($17.00 Cdn): An essential item for any introvert. ModCloth has an amazing selection of cheeky kitchen towels.

13. Deluxe Hot Chocolate Mix ($6.97 Cdn): Hot Chocolate is a winter essential and Castle Kitchen makes amazing, decadent hot chocolate that is also Non GMO, Gluten Free and Vegan!

14. 100 Movies scratch off poster ($15 Usd): This solves the ultimate dilemma of “What movie should we watch?”

15. Peanut Butter Spoon ($12 Usd): I think all of us peanut butter aficionados can agree this is necessary.

16. Mini Bean Bag Plushie Keychain ($8 Cdn): Why do kids get all the cute fun? I want one of each for my purse, my travel bags and my keychain!

17. Drumstick Pencils ($8 Usd): Pencils that also double as drumsticks? Yes, please.

18. Happy Face Stress Ball ($5 Cdn): Because adult life is stressful and these are just the right amount of ridiculous.

19. Tamagotchi Heat Activated Mug ($17 Cdn): This is for every 90s kid out there, and for those who have discovered them again.

20. Good Grips Hot Styling Tool Mat ($9.99 Usd): Long name for an essential item that every lady who owns a curling wand or flat iron and spends an unreasonable amount of life picking up said hot tool after it continuously falls on the floor. This is on the top of my wishlist Santa, thankyouverymuch.

For Kids to Tweens:

Kids Stocking Stuffer

Kids Stocking Stuffer

Kids Stocking Stuffer

1. Professor Noggins Card Games ($9.95 usd): There are so many to choose from, but these simple card games are addictive and educational! Win-Win! (Great for road trips FYI).

2. Harmonica ($6.99 Cdn): You might hate me for this one, but your kid definitely won’t! Noise makers never go out of style, but this Harmonica actually has nice quality sound, so it isn’t as assaulting to the ears … “as” being the operative term here.

3. Holztiger Wooden Animal Figurines ($5.99 Cdn and up): These classic wooden animal figurines are so versatile and last forever! Whether they are part of active play for younger kids or favourite animals displayed on shelves – they are truly heirloom quality.

4. Schleich Figurines ($3.95 Cdn): If you like the idea of the animal figurines above but don’t want to go so pricey, Schleich make amazingly detailed little animal figurines that are a beloved classic at a much lower cost.

5. Meri Meri Irridescent Paper Straws ($6.99 Usd): Everything is more fun with a funky straw, luckily these are shimmering and biodegradable!

6. Rainbow bristle Bamboo Toothbrush (set of 2 for $3.99): You might actually get them to willingly brush their teeth with these fun, colourful toothbrushes. (Note: these are often sold out so here is another bamboo, colourful option).

7. Lottie Dolls ($15 Usd): Ok, let’s talk Barbies. I loved Barbie as a kid but as a parent … not so much, and further, neither did my little. Enter Lottie dolls … these amazingly sweet, body-realistic dolls combine amazing character (Pirates, space adventurer, rocker chic, etc) with quality. They can stand on their own, possess untangle-able hair, and just feel good in the hand. Your opinion on Barbies will forever be changed!

8. Sarah’s Silks ($11.99 Cdn) and Sarah’s Silk Wand ($12.95 Usd): I couldn’t pick one! We love Sarah’s Silks in this house because the play value is off the charts. These 100% silk squares have been everything from potions to tents to blankets to capes to bandages. They hold up and come in a plethora of cool colours. And who can’t use a magical, twirling wand with 8 feet of rainbow silk fun?

9. Wikki Stix ($6.46 Usd): The classic waxy, bendy straws hold unlimited potential – for older and younger kids. I like that this set comes in a reusable container.

10. 4M Crystal Growing Kit ($9.95 Cdn): I remember loving these kits as a kid and for the “surprise bag” loving kid in your life – you don’t know what colour you’ll get! So, parent win!…

11. Souper Spoon ($11.50 Cdn): Best get two if you have more than one child, because the fights will get intense for this super cool spoon. That’s if they can wrestle it away from you first.

12. Ooly Ninja Erasers ($2.95 for 3): Making mistakes has never been more fun!

13. Mad Libs ($6.99 Cdn): Stocking stuffer 101 – standard requirement for all stockings and all ages. (The junior packs are great for including younger kids).

14. Boon Bath Pipes ($13.47 Usd): These amazing little tubes are going on their third year of play in this house … young kids, old kids will enjoy these.

15. Moulin Roty Mustache Set ($4.99 Cdn): Dress up or silly selfies with your friends – who can’t use some fake moustaches in their tickle trunk?

16. Bendy Wooden Robot ($5.99 Cdn): The original Stickbot (which are fine too) but these are wooden and higher quality and oh-so-cute.

17. Glitter Wonder Wand ($6.99 Cdn): Not gonna lie, I can spend way too much time watching the lovely sparkles slowly swirl from end to end … but also great for a magician and imaginative play.

18. Fibre Optic Lamp ($11.99 Usd): Speaking of sparkly … I was obsessed with the little fibre optic hand wands as a kid and would have loved to have one of these on my nightstand as a nightlight!

19. Meri Meri Pom Pom Flamingo Hair slides ($11.00 Usd): I mean, come on … a sparkly flamingo hair clip with fuzzy pom pom and legs? This is just basic life requirement if you’re a girl over the age of 5.

20. Amazing Super Snow Powder ($7.49 Cdn): Finally, if mother nature didn’t deliver a white Christmas – make your own! A no brainer for the slime obsessed.

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