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Unboxing: Review of OwlCrate Jr. July 2019

“Zodiac Adventures”

OwlCrate Jr. July 2019 Unboxing

We were super excited in this house for OwlCrate Jr.’s July, Zodiac Adventures, box. Space, stars, celestial beings … are all super topics in this house. I have a star tattoo on my inner wrist … that’s how much we dig all things celestial!

Luckily this box was superb and did not disappoint.

If you want a closer look at the goodies, then keep on reading.

We’ve got to start with the mug! This adorable mug, designed by Bonnie Lui, features all 12 zodiac characters on parade … and it truly is my favourite OwlCrate mug I have gotten! I love the color scheme and attention to detail. I love the adorable animal faces and Bonnie’s take on the zodiac. It’s fantastic.

OwlCrate Jr. July 2019 mug

Last month’s Theme card featured adorable zodiac animals and we were so happy to get a sticker sheet featuring these adorable creatures. Which my daughter promptly started placing in a notebook before I got a proper photo!

This cute pocket mirror again features all “members” of the zodiac and their Chinese symbol. My daughter had fun writing out the Chinese these symbols for the animals and it provided a fun, unexpected educational bonus. I suspect the mirror will be used in her spy games going forward.

It was really clever of team OwlCrate Jr to include a cute Schleich animal figurine playing off the 12 zodiac animals – we got the dog (Dalmatian) – but a variety of animals were sent out and it was a surprise which you received. Schleich makes the best quality, hand painted figurines and this cute Dalmatian is already part of her regular play. But these figurines would also look adorable popping out of a bookshelf or on a desk for older kids.

OwlCrate Jr. July 2019 dog

OwlCrate Jr always likes to include a STEAM item in their crates and this month’s selection was Origami papers. This was a really clever tie into the theme. I personally struggle so much with Origami … I’m helpless! In order to complete the rabbit I had to resort to multiple viewings on YouTube!! For the patient, crafty oriented person this will be a lot of fun. For the rest of us I recommend using the papers as stationary! 😀

OwlCrate Jr. July 2019 origami

Finally the item my daughter was the most excited for — the Constellation Map Tapestry. This is so lovely and the perfect size to hang right beside her bed … which is promptly where it went 10 seconds after I finished the unboxing photo!

OwlCrate Jr. July 2019 planisphere

The book pick for July was The Twelve by Cindy Lin, which came with an author letter and signed book plate! Also included is the monthly mini-magazine which has an interview with Cindy Lin, book recommendations, and how to make an Origami rabbit.

OwlCrate Jr. July 2019 The Twelve

Overall Rating: A+

  1. Zodiac Ceramic Mug: 3/3

  2. Sticker Sheet: 3/3

  3. Constellation Map Tapestry: 4/3

  4. Schleich Animal Figurine: 3/3

  5. Origami Papers: 3/3

  6. Zodiac Pocket Mirror: 3/3

I can’t say anything bad about this box, it was absolutely fabulous. As my 9 year old daughter said “Sally nailed it!” … what better review can I give?

Note on Rating: I rate each item out of 3 possible points: 1 for quality, 1 for usefulness, and 1 for if I personally liked the item/fandom. I then assign an overall letter rating for the whole box.

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