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Mid-Year Favourites: 2019

2019 Mid-year Favourites

It’s time to re-evaluate the favourite reads of 2019 … some are standing strong from my quarter evaluation (here) but some have been replaced (gasp!).

With each pick I have linked the full book review if you’d like to learn more …

So here, in ranked order, are my top 7 current favourite reads of 2019.

(Why 7? Because this was a feature week countdown on my instagram and therefore I needed one per day for one week … simple as that!)

7. Lovely War by Julie Berry (Full Review Here): This book stole my heart. At times romantic, at times funny, at times appalling – it is a rare YA historical fiction centring around WWI and WWII that explores so many topics: racism, sexism, and war in all it’s horror (without being overly disturbing) … asking is love ultimately greater than war?

6. The Lost Queen by Signe Pike (Full Review Here): Simply transporting – the world was so completely developed, the atmosphere incredibly vivid and lush, and the characters were absolutely real to me. All the while telling a story of a very real, but severely overlooked, strong lady of history.

5. The Wicked King by Holly Black: Complete entertainment. I read this so fast because I couldn’t stop flipping the pages, needing to know what twist and turn was coming next! The world is just as real and vivid as The Cruel Prince and the characters are all completely horrible (in the best possible way) and morally grey. Cannot wait for the conclusion of this trilogy.

4. The Bride Test/The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang: (Full Review Here): Helen simply writes the most intelligent romantic reads with characters that are full of heart and compassion. Their struggles are relatable and I read both her books with a big smile on my face.

3. The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo: (Full Review Here): This book completely surprised me – it is part mystery, mythological, historical romance, and murder mystery and it is done so.very.well!

2. Tied! Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman and Arlo Finch and the Lake of the Moon by John August (Full Review Here)

I couldn’t pick! Arlo Finch is the perfect kick-off-to-summer, little bit spooky, little bit mystery, little bit supernatural book that I would’ve eaten up as a middle grader … I’m an adult and still fell in love with the setting, the magic and the characters.

Eleanor Oliphant is a complete 180 degrees … but this emotional, funny, and often heavy book is  truly magic. Somehow I could laugh and cry on the same page. Eleanor stole my heart, broke my heart and handed it back to me … this book, while dealing with heavy topics, left me with hope. That is a rare, rare find indeed.

1. A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer (Full Review Here): This is just the book I like to read. Tough, intelligent heroine pairs off with a tough, intelligent hero with well rounded side characters, magic, dragons, ancient castles … everything I love.

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