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Easter Basket Ideas 2020

Easter Gift Guide Items

We all have our talents to give in these times of trial and collective hardships. I try to focus on positives and the making of lists and I root out any and every possible source of joy. If you’ve been with me awhile you’ll know gift guides are my joy, my love language, and it is my hope that you can find some fun ideas to fill your Easter baskets this year or just spend a few minutes of joy looking at these bright and fun toys.

{I’ll address it now, because I know I’ll get some blowback, but yes I do give a deluxe Easter basket. We don’t buy toys outside of Birthday’s and Christmas and Easter, so for our family we feel comfortable filling the basket with more items. This guide may seem a lot, or a little, depending on your personal opinion, but it works for us.}

*Almost all items I purchased from Dilly Dally Kids, my favourite independent toy shop in Vancouver, but many items can be found on Amazon. All prices in Canadian dollars.

  1. Jellycat Rabbit Stuffies ($17.99): It is hard to beat Jellycat when it comes to adorable, oh-so-soft plushies, and it doesn’t get more classically Easter than this soft pink bunny.

  2. Loot Card Game ($20.99): My family loves to play games over the dinner table and are always on the lookout for easy to handle, minimal space required, engaging games. This pirate themed card game, that introduces more strategy than past games, seems really fun and exciting. Gamewright makes some our favourite family games and I am excited to try this out.

  3. Original Slinky ($7.99): Doesn’t everyone need a slinky? I’m always on the look out for “fidget” toys that my daughter can mindless engage with while we read together each night. I know I got lost playing with slinkies when I was a kid.

  4. Middle Grade Book (Various price): I always include a book in the Easter Basket and Christmas Stocking. Pictured here is a paperback copy of The Land of Stories which actually isn’t the book she is getting this Easter, but that hasn’t come in yet!

  5. Meri Meri Iron on Cat Patches ($9.99): My daughter is absolutely obsessed with little cat faces with tiny pink noses, so these iron on patches will be right up her ally and we can add them to her backpack, lunch kit or jacket.

  6. Ooly Kaleidoscope Pencil Crayon Set ($9.99): I’m always looking for exciting new crafting supplies and no one does it better than Ooly. These kaleidoscope pencil crayons are bright, fun, and I think will encourage great creativity in her drawings.

  7. Ooly Lil’ Water-colour Paint Pods ($10.99): I’ll be honest, I’m one of those mothers who cringes at paint sets and finds any excuse to run and hide when my daughter asks to paint. Why? Because it is such a process … get the plastic table cover out, the plastic jars of water to rinse the brushes, the tiny plastic containers to pour in the paint, the paper towel, the fear for my table & floor … but! This genius little paint set has each paint colour in its own individual paint pod and all are set in a deep plastic dish … meaning less spillage, less fuss, less muss!

  8. Meri Meri Cat Pouch Necklace ($14.99): So if you’ll see number 5 regarding daughter’s obsession with cats, this purchase will make sense. I bought it when school was still a thing, thinking this would be a clever way to bring a little stuffie with her to school each day … but it’s still cute!

  9. Spirograph Tin Set ($21.99): I’ve tried various knock off sets of “spirographs”, but none beat the original. I know my daughter will enjoy playing with this while we read together and while she is under her daily obligatory “no more animal crossing for the love of pete!” time.

  10. Djeco Hanging Paper Cats Kit ($8.99): We aren’t very crafty in this house, so I’m always looking for reasonably priced pre-cut, pre-thought out craft sets. I know she’ll like creating these little kitties that we will hang from her bedroom light. (Not pictured here because it was too large to fit in the basket).

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