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Halloween How-To: Tips For Getting Into The Spirit

Ok dear reader, I’m gonna let you in on a dark personal secret. As much as fall is my seasonal soulmate … I am not a big Halloween fan. (Gasp!)

I know… How can one love fall as much as I – with its chilly breezes, fuzzy sweaters, cups of tea, pumpkin baked goods and tiny packages of peanut m&ms? Well, I don’t like things spooky and I am always in a huge, excited rush to get to my mecca. My mothership … Christmas.

If fall is my seasonal soulmate, Christmas is our love child.

But my real child is in love with Halloween and I do my best to indulge and appreciate each season as they come.

Until November 1st.

Then it’s twinkle time!

So I am here today to give all you fellow Halloween skeptics and Halloween enthusiasts my top tips on getting into the Halloween spirit (or languish in it if you’re already there!)

1. Decorate! Throw some leaves, black spiders and sparkly pumpkins from the dollar tree over the surfaces of your home … and you’re 90% of the way there.

2. Music! I am a playlist-curating-mega-freak and spend ungodly amounts of time creating seasonally perfect playlists … here is my October go to playlist appropriately entitled “Monstrous”.

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