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October 2019 Reading Wrap-Up

October 2019 Reading Wrap-Up

October was a roller coaster of a reading month for me — major ups and downs! Some of my favourite reads and some reads that made me want to give up reading altogether!

(Note: Most of these I have reviews for, so I will link to the full review).

1. The Dark Days Club: 4* What a genre bender! Dark, downright scary, and oh so very proper in Regency London! A little slow, but overall enjoyable read.

2. Serpent & Dove: 5* Loved this book so much! Everything I love in YA right here.

3. A Dress for the Wicked: 3* If it could’ve been filled with more character and plot development and less descriptions about gowns and silly cat-fighting, I would’ve enjoyed it so much more! Concept was there … got lost in the fluff and tulle for me.

4. Stepsister: 5* One of my new favourite books of all time – you can read why here.

5. The Bone Houses: 3.5* It was fun, it was fine. I was a little let down because I expected more from this author because I really loved The Hearts We Sold. But it was entertaining.

6. Dragon’s Green: 5* Such an excellent middle grade adventure. My little and I adored this read — check out the review here.

7. The Girl Who Drank the Moon: 3* I feel this classic fails to hit the mark of its intended audience … lush, vivid, descriptive writing meets a glacial pace … feels like the middle grade adults want middle graders to like.

8. Tunnel of Bones: 4* As with City of Ghosts, this is an enjoyable spooky “Schwab-light” story, that is perfect to read in October. I enjoyed this sequel more than City of Ghosts and definitely want to head to Paris for some chocolate pastries now!

9. A Discovery of Witches: DNF’d. Couldn’t. Just couldn’t take it anymore! The descriptions of tea and wine and the bizarre premise … I struggled through the first 300 pages and then determined life was too short to continue reading about tea and wine for another 300. Major reading funk followed this book!

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