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Review: The Flatshare

The Flatshare

Title: The Flatshare
Author: Beth O’Leary
Genre: Adult Romance
Page Count: 325
Published by: Flatiron Books
Date Published: May 28, 2019
You can find it here: Bookshop.org


Following a painful breakup Tiffy is in need of a new place to live. Unfortunately being a copy editor for a small publishing house doesn’t leave her with many options in London.

Leon is a hospice nurse who works nights and is in need of a roommate to help pay the legal bills following his brother’s wrongful imprisonment.

Problem is … there is only one bedroom, one bed. Shouldn’t be a problem since Tiffy will use the apartment on nights and weekends, and Leon will use the apartment during days and stay at his girlfriend’s on the weekends.

As they each navigate difficult, painful circumstances through their own lives they find a kindred friendship in each other through notes left throughout the apartment. They’ve never met, but they might just be falling in love …


Let’s Talk Genre:

I am all for adult romance that has complicated, deep layers and real characters facing real conflicts. From Tiffy struggling to overcome and work through the after effects of an emotionally abusive relationship to Leon and his heartwarming/wrenching work as a hospice nurse, to the very real discussion revolving around broken legal systems, The Flatshare is intelligent romance at its finest.

Beth O’Leary does a great job balancing heavier topics here within the familiar elements of a romantic comedy – the romantic tension is always at the forefront of the novel and it never loses its way. From great meet-cutes to the inevitable fall out before a happy ending … you both know what you are getting here and unsure how it will exactly unfold. It is charming, sweet, and all around happy.

Let’s Talk Characters:

I loved both these characters. Tiffy is so refreshingly quirky and Leon is the heartfelt, level headed, intelligent and kind leading man who is easy to root for.

Often with stories that alternate between characters perspectives I find I enjoy one character over the other … this was never the case. I truly enjoyed each in their own way.

Let’s Talk Being Picky:

Ok, I’ll admit it. I am one picky b*tch when it comes to my reads. It takes a lot …. a lot, a lot … for me to really love and connect with a story. There is nothing more disappointing to me than when I finish a story and think … “but if only this hadn’t happened” …

Unfortunately, it really peeved me off that Tiffy “saves” herself from a gaslighting, emotionally abusive relationship by falling into the arms of another relationship. I mean, I get it, and it makes for a great story and the relationship with Leon does develop slowly, but the trauma and drama with Tiffy’s ex is occurring concurrently as she develops feelings for Leon. For some reason this bothered me a bit, not enough to take away from the whole of the story … but just a nagging.

Overall Thoughts:

This is a charming rom-com full of heartfelt characters and real life situations that spell a recipe for a slam dunk cheerful, feel good story. The story was slightly marred by the issue of saving oneself from an abusive relationship by bouncing into another, and for me this was a bit of a hangup, but not enough to take away from the whole. A really enjoyable romance.

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