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Review: Voyage of the Frostheart

Voyage of the Frostheart

Title: Voyage of the Frostheart
Author: Jamie Littler
Genre: Middle Grade
Page Count: 448
Published by: Viking Books for Young Readers
Date Published: November 5, 2019
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Orphan Ash is a song weaver. He has the ability to communicate and connect with the dangerous Leviathans (destructive, man eating creatures that hide beneath the snow). Rather than being praised for his talent, Ash is forced to keep his magic a secret, for if uncovered he will be exiled from the Fira Stronghold.

On the night of the Festival of a Thousand Fires, a unique ship of Pathfinder traders crashes upon the Fira, narrowly escaping certain death from a pack of attacking Leviathans. Their rescuer? Ash, who exposes himself as a song weaver in the process.

Now banished from his only home, he bravely sets out an icy, dangerous adventure as the newest member of the Frostheart crew. Hoping to discover answers to his parents disappearance and his identity as a song weaver. Meeting tumultuous beasts (human-kin and leviathan), a quirky cast of characters including a sharp-tongued walrus Captain and Lunah, the spunky, brave girl who accepts him – Ash is in for one wild, heartfelt ride through an amazingly imaginative snowy world.


Let’s talk characters:

This is how to build characters! Jamie Littler has created one of the most unique, heartfelt cast of characters that I’ve read in awhile. From the spunky Lunah, to the gruff, tough, and entirely loveable, cankerous Tobu (Ash’s reluctant guardian) or one of my favourites, the take-no-bull Captain Nuk, who also happens to be a walrus. I just loved all these heartfelt characters!

Coming in at almost 450 pages, I would argue this could’ve used a bit of trimming. The main drama and conflict with Ash did start to feel tiresome as he continues for over 400 pages to grapple with the same troubles, the same complaints, the same doubts without really progressing until the very end.

Let’s talk world: 

This icy, snow-filled tundra was utterly unique and excellently developed. The included artwork, by the author himself, just really extends that world building to new levels. From unique strongholds, animal-humans, mythical beasts … this is just a wild ride of self discovery and acceptance. Genuine heart and inclusivity combine in the best possible way.

Overall Thoughts:

A fantastic read-aloud middle grade adventure. While a somewhat slower pace lags in the middle, Jamie Littler has created a world that is wholly unique and characters that will steal your heart. I can’t wait to dive into this world again.

TBR Ranking: High

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