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Unboxing: OwlCrate Jr. June 2020

“Magic in Bloom”

OwlCrate Jr. June 2020 Unboxing

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I can’t believe how long it took for us to receive our June, “Magic in Bloom”, box! But here it is and it is absolutely fan-freaking-tastic! Here’s what was inside:

The pen. I have to start with the pen, because if you’ve known me awhile  you will know I have an undying (and somewhat unnatural) love for gel pens. And this flowering dandelion puff ball gel pen is pretty much the best ever. Another item that I will be stealing from the daughter … at this point I’m thinking I need to subscribe for two boxes! Yep, they’re that good.

OwlCrate Jr. June 2020 The Secret Garden

I always say if there is any one story that most greatly influenced my imagination as child and has had a life long lasting impression, it’s The Secret Garden. Something in this story … I just love it and of course searched all gardens and parks throughout my childhood for secret keys & secret doors. I’m so glad my daughter can have a copy of this classic story! Hopefully it will inspire her imagination for years to come!

Nintendo fire flower cinnamon tea from Riddle’s Tea Shoppe. Jaw drop. When I saw this in my friend’s unboxing, I was ridiculously excited. My family and I are major Nintendo freaks and I grew up on the classic Nintendo, continued to play on that old box throughout University, and when they released the NES classic a couple summers ago, you can bet we lined up at the crack of dawn for it. So ANYTHING classic Mario, Imma gonna be all for it!! Oh, and Riddle’s Tea is a super awesome tea company and I appreciate how allergy conscious they are – gluten free, dairy free, nut free.

OwlCrate Jr. June 2020 Riddle's Tea Mario

When I first subscribed my daughter to OwlCrate Jr in September of 2017 we just missed the box that had the Capernicus Toys Crystal tree growing kit which unfortunately never came back in stock. We are so thrilled that this month included a lovely crystal Cherry Tree growing kit. Another throwback to my childhood as I loved these crystal kits … and I mean, still do!

OwlCrate Jr. June 2020 Cherry Crystal Tree

Mandrake Woodmark from Mandrake of the Month Club … I mean if we are going to talk plants and gardens, these screaming little guys fit the theme perfectly.

OwlCrate Jr. June 2020 bookmark

June’s collectible monthly sticker was designed by the amazing Erin Gibbs.

OwlCrate Jr. June 2020 sticker

The book pick for June was “The Girl and the Witch’s Garden” by Erin Bownman, which came signed with an exclusive cover and an author letter. We have already started this book and it has all the elements I would’ve loved in a summer read as a preteen: mansion, magic, friends, grandmothers … I have a sneaky feeling I’ll be needing some tissues at the end!

OwlCrate Jr. June 2020 The Girl and the Witch's Garden

Always a great box from OwlCrate Jr as they just continue to curate amazing boxes, with engaging themes, unique & exciting reads, and high quality, fun products. They make reading fun and just bring joy. In a world that could use a lot of it right now.

Subscription spots are available for August’s “Enchanted Objects” box! Go grab yours now before they sell out again and use code TALES15 to save 15%!

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