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Unboxing: OwlCrate Jr. Special Edition: Bridge of Souls

OwlCrate Jr. Bridge of Souls Unboxing

The Special Edition Bridge of Souls box was jammed pack with goodies – 9 items plus the book! So let’s just get right into it:

The hero item of this box was the full sized “Two of Swords” blanket designed by Forensics & Flowers. This is a super soft, cozy blanket to curl up with while reading your next book. The OwlCrate blankets are the perfect reading weight blanket – just warm enough to keep you cozy without being stifling!

OwlCrate Jr. Bridge of Souls blanket

Last fall OwlCrate Jr. included a pack of character trading cards in the Special Edition Hollowpox box and my daughter loved them. So she was really excited to get another pack of cards featuring all the characters in the Cassidy Blake series and I’m really curious to meet some of the new characters shown! These cards were designed by Jordan Kincaid (@lovelyillustration).

OwlCrate Jr. Bridge of Souls trading cards

I’ve said it before, but I’ll never be sick of receiving Fiction Bath Company bath/beauty products in our OwlCrate boxes, and this time they’ve included a Beignets flavoured lip balm. I really like the Fiction Bath Co (@fictionbathco)  lip balms – which are vegan! – and are super nourishing.

OwlCrate Jr. Bridge of Souls lip balm

My daughter is really taken with this cool “Do not Disturb Seance in Progress” bamboo door hanging, designed by Joanna Munoz (@winkandwonder). Since this whole series has been about hunting down spirits, I think this was a really clever nod at the series.

OwlCrate Jr. Bridge of Souls seance sign

This jumbo “Society of the black cat” enamel pin was designed by Pineapple Sundays (@pineapple.sundays) – I’m thinking we will learn more about this society in the final book, or I’m forgetting something (which is entirely possible!), but either way it is a really lovely enamel pin that will look great on our pin flag or bulletin board!

OwlCrate Jr. Bridge of Souls enamel pin
Processed with Focos

Next up is this super creepy laminated “shadow man” Emissary tassel bookmark with this spooky message on the back: “We have found you and we will return you to the dark …” This bookmark was designed by Lab Illustration (@labillustration).

OwlCrate Jr. Bridge of Souls bookmark

A key feature throughout the series has been Cassidy’s ability to send lost spirits back into the spirit world through the use of a mirror – so this pocket mirror was a clever nod to that plot. The back of the mirror features the phrase Cassidy must speak: Look and listen, see and know, this is what you are and was designed by Katelyn Clemons (@letterk8).

OwlCrate Jr. Bridge of Souls pocket mirror

OwlCrate Jr. Bridge of Souls pocket mirror

Next up is this  “The Inspecters” poster featuring Cassidy’s parents. The whole premise of this series is that Cassidy’s parents are filming a television show hunting the spooky and supernatural around the world – which has taken us from Scotland to Paris and now New Orleans. This poster was designed by Ellen Surrey (@yesurrey).

OwlCrate Jr. Bridge of Souls Inspecters

Lastly, every box came with this exclusive sticker – a New Orleans Stamp, featuring a very spooky ghost! – designed by Kali Ciesemier (@kalidraws).

OwlCrate Jr. Bridge of Souls stamp

Of course the main event of the box is this special edition of Bridge of Souls which came with an exclusive cover only found in this box, signed by Victoria Schwab, and came with an author letter!

OwlCrate Jr. Bridge of Souls book

There are some Bridge of Souls boxes available in shop, so go forth and snag one at owlcrate.com!

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