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Unboxing: OwlCrate Jr. Special Edition: Hollowpox

OwlCrate Jr. Nevermoor unboxing

This box. This BOX! My daughter and I have long awaited not only the release of book three in our beloved Nevermoor series, but this fantastic OwlCrate Jr special edition box!! Publishing delays, covid delays … it felt like this day would never come. But the team definitely delivered! Here’s what was inside:

If you’re a fan of this series you’ll know right away that an umbrella was absolutely imperative – a requirement for any fan to jump on the Brolly Rail! This fantastic Nevermoor pattern was designed by Caitlyn Bauman (@caitlinrosebauman) – while the amazing details include Mog on the Brolly Rail, The Hunt of Smoke & Shadow, and Jupiter’s hat – it is Fenestra’s grumpy mug that steals my heart.

OwlCrate Jr. Hollowpox umbrella

Anything from Whipped Up Wonderful (@whippedupwonderful) is an absolute delight to get in a book box and I thought these shower steamers were a very clever nod to the Smoking Parlour. You could’ve received one of three scents: Peach, Milk & Honey (the one we got!) or Peppermint. If your child is hair washing/shower averse like mine, this is a nice incentive to get them in the shower!!

OwlCrate Jr. Hollowpox shower steamer

Pennant! Pennants are so cool and I am absolutely jealous that my daughter gets to hang these in her room … nothing this cool was available when I was a kid! (pouts to self). This excellent Proudfoot House Pennant was designed by Mallory Young (@unluckydesign) and was promptly hung in pride of placement right above my daughter’s bed … that deep purple just happens to be her favourite colour as well, so win-win-win.

If there is one place I would love to escape to in 2020 it would be Miss Cheery’s Unit 919 Wunderground carriage car. I’d just curl up on the couch in front of the fire with her cookies and hot chocolate and lay all my troubles out … so it’s wonderful that Melanie Demmer (@melaniedemmer) recreated this cozy literary location on a stunning book sleeve for us all. Hands down, our favourite book sleeve of all time now!

OwlCrate Jr. Hollowpox book sleeve

This next item might just be our favourite item of the box — which would be really hard to choose, so please don’t ask — Nevermoor trading character cards complete with individual stats! These awesome cards were designed by Jordan Kincaid (@lovelyillustration)  and were the first thing my daughter had to tear into and spend an hour studying. I know as a kid I loved collecting trading cards, this was such an excellent idea!

OwlCrate Jr. Hollowpox trading cards

An art print – which is the sparkly holographic stuff of dreams – features the song Morrigan must use to summon her Wunder. Hand lettered by Kristen De Palma (@kdpletters).

Jupiter! I was likely, most seriously, going to cry if Jupiter didn’t appear in this box and luckily the collective vinyl sticker delivered. This “Step Boldly” sticker was designed by Ellen Surrey (@yesurrey) and features all my cherished characters: Mog, Jupiter and Fenestra.

OwlCrate Jr. Nevermoor Step Boldly sticker

Of course this marvellous special edition box was completed with a signed copy of Hollowpox: The Hunt for Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend. The book also came with a letter from Jessica and an official Wunsoc pin.

OwlCrate Jr. Hollowpox Special Edition

We were beyond thrilled by this stellar box, our OwlCrate friends simply nailed it! If you’re looking to sign up a lucky middle grader in your life with an OwlCrate Jr subscription head on over to their website (owlcrate.com) and use code TALES15 to save yourself 15%.

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