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Unboxing: Review of Frostbeard Lit Box October 2019

“Fairytale Fantasy”

Frostbeard Lit Box October 2019 Unboxing

The Frostbeard Lit Box is a brand new bookish inspired monthly subscription box. Each box is centred around a theme and includes an exclusive, limited edition candle of the month and 4-6 corresponding bookish goodies.

The theme for October’s Lit Box was Fairytale Fantasy, here’s what was inside!

I always start my reviews with my favourite item – a full size bar soap from The Soap Librarian. This ‘Fairy Tales’ soap is lightly scented with oatmeal and honey – which normal are not my favourite scent combinations, but they really work here. Her soaps are nondrying and work well for my sensitive skin. I love that Frostbeard included a full sized bar.

Frostbeard Lit Box Soap Librarian soap

Amazing wooden candle coaster. This coaster features rough wood edges and a laser engraved image of the Frostbeard logo, done by CountryBarnBabe. This is a really nice item, which my husband has absconded with to his desk at work.

Frostbeard Lit Box October 2019 coaster

Little Red Riding Hood small coil notebook with cover artwork by Manon Pieri. The artwork on this notebook is amazing and who can’t use a little notebook? I love the smaller size, it is great for throwing in your purse!

Frostbeard Lit Box October 2019 notepad

Temporary tree-of-life tattoos designed by Inkdecal. While I am all about tattoos, I’m not sure if these are my favourite item … but they do fit the woodland fairytale theme of the box and are a fun addition.

Frostbeard Lit Box October 2019 tree tattoos

Swedish Ginger Thin Cookies by Anna’s. I am allergic to gluten so I am so sad I couldn’t partake in these ginger cookies! But my daughter has very much appreciated having them in her lunches and tells me they are delicious.

Frostbeard Lit Box Anna's Swedish Cookies

Briar-Rose incense cones. Ok, straight up – I loathe incense and I especially loathe rose scented products … so these were done for me from the get go! They are incredibly strong, and if incense is your thing, then these will likely be fine. Like I said, it just isn’t for me.

Frostbeard Lit Box 2019 incense

Finally the candle of the month — Deep Dark Woods. This candle is a nice earthy, spicy mix of forest floor, coriander and ginger. It has been a great late fall/early winter scent and I just love Roxie’s earthy blends.

Frostbeard Lit Box October 2019 Deep Dark Woods candle

Overall Rating: A-

  • The Soap Librarian Fairy Tales Soap: 4/3 (I love this soap company but it is insanely expensive to get shipped to Canada, so whenever I’m lucky enough to get one in a subscription box, I’m pretty stoked)!

  • Wooden Coaster: 3/3 (This is such unique, beautiful, high quality item).

  • Little Red Notebook: 3/3

  • Swedish Ginger Cookies: 2/3 (Only a miss for me since my Celiac prevents me from enjoying them and it is sadly an expensive box to not be able to enjoy an item).

  • Temporary tattoos: 2/3 (Again, just not my thing … I don’t feel this is a very high quality item to be included in a box of this cost).

  • Briar Rose Incense: 1/3 (I find incense overpoweringly strong and will not be using these).

  • Candle of the Month: 4/3 (Another excellent candle from my favourite candle makers)!

A few misses for me this month but a few big wins … overall it balances to a decent box. The cost with shipping (and this new annoying tax at the door in Canada) brings the cost of this box well over $70 Cdn. I don’t know if the value is there for me as an international customer and will likely be going back to just receiving the candle of the month. But I appreciate the higher quality items Frostbeard is including in their boxes and the small business artists it supports. For American customers I think this would make an excellent gift for any book lover and I love that the items can be shared with the whole family.

Note on Rating: I rate each item out of 3 possible points: 1 for quality, 1 for usefulness, and 1 for if I personally liked the item/fandom. I then assign an overall letter rating for the whole box.

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