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Unboxing: Frostbeard Lit Box February 2020

“Literary Adaptation”

Frostbeard Lit Box February 2020 Unboxing

As a rep for Frostbeard I received this box for free. Please use discount code aotales10 to save 10% off all your Frostbeard orders! 

So ever since Frostbeard announced their candle of the month for February: Screenplay, a combination of fizzy cola + buttered popcorn, I’ve been craving buttery popcorn all.the.time! I am so easily influenced by advertising suggestions … Anyway, the theme for February’s box was “Literary Adaptation” and it included everything you need for a cozy night in watching your favourite story on the big screen.

First up, hello Out of Print socks! I could never get enough Out of Print socks, they are just my favourite and these little turquoise typewriters on a blush pink background … yes, please! Apparently my hubby almost bought these for me for Christmas this past year, that’s how up my alley these beauties are. I love that Frostbeard stuffs high value items in their box like this!

Frostbeard Lit Box February 2020 typewriter socks

Haribo Cola Gummies … it was difficult to keep these away from the child and the hubby long enough to get a couple shots in! Needless to say these two were quite excited to get some gummy candy!

Frostbeard Lit Box February 2020 Cola Candies

Popcorn seasoning from Dell’s Spices in Sweet Maui Onion … is it a movie night if there isn’t popcorn? I know I can’t watch a movie without it, and while I am a classic butter + salt fan, it is probably a healthier option to try a popcorn seasoning. Change things up, why not?

Frostbeard Lit Box February 2020 popcorn seasoning

“Can’t Wait For The Movie” bookmark from Night Owl Paper Goods. This adorable little wooden bookmark features the cutest little TV character on the front and “i heart books” “i heart movies” repeating writing on the back. With bright blue and turquoise colours, it is bright and fun and oh-so-cute!

Frostbeard Lit Box February 2020 bookmark

The February candle of the month: “Screenplay” is an incredibly unique combination of fizzy cola and buttered popcorn. It is one of the most unique candles I have ever smelled, and it smells exactly like gummy pop bottles with a hint of popcorn … so basically it smells exactly like a movie theatre 😀 Warning: be prepared for all the cravings when burning this yummy candle!

Frostbeard Lit Box Monthly Candle Screenplay

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