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Unboxing: OwlCrate February 2022

“Among the Monsters”


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This box was sadly super delayed getting to me – but better late than never as they say? So let’s just get right into the unboxing! 

One of OwlCrate’s new collection for 2022 is self publishing classics with completely redesigned and newly illustrated covers by artist @rena.illustration! Starting out the collection with this paperback copy of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

Everyone has a favourite V.E. Schwab series/book and, personally, I really love This Savage Song and was very happy to receive this enamel keychain, designed by @azura.arts, inspired by the duology. 

Next up is this gorgeous pair of bookends inspired by The Bear and the Nightingale and designed by @noOnedesigns. They are very substantial bookends and I was super impressed by the weight and quality, they even have little grips on the bottoms to stop them from sliding around the bookshelf! I really enjoyed The Bear and the Nightingale and am always happy to get bookish goodies inspired by the story.

A set of cable keepers inspired by Lakesedge, illustrated and designed by the author herself – Lyndall Clipstone. These cable keepers are super useful and I’m so glad they came in two different sizes, there is nothing I hate more than the tangled mess of cables and cords at our charge station! Also included was a QR code to scan an early chapter sampler of the upcoming sequel, Forestfall.

I just read (listened to) Howl’s Moving Castle last fall and really loved it! (But really didn’t like the movie …) Anyhoo, I’m very happy to add this lovely Howl’s art print, illustrated by @_saintdri, to my collection! 

Lastly, before the book, is the next in the monthly literary luggage enamel pin collection designed by @heyatlascreative. This month takes us to the magical forest of Cabeswater, inspired by The Raven Boys.

Finally the book pick of the month! Only A Monster by Vanessa Len, which came with an exclusive cover, author signature & letter, reversible dust jacket artwork by @gracezhuart, black sprayed edges, and an exclusive foil stamp on the hardback! 

This was such an excellent box and if you missed out there are still some available in the shop at www.owlcrate.com, you can grab one while supplies last! 

Looking to subscribe? Remember to use code TALES15 at checkout to save 15% off your first box! 

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